dinsdag, januari 15, 2013

Amedeo Modigliani #3

Studio la Ruche in Montparnasse where Modigliani had his sculpture studio , image circa 1918, 1918 and 1920. (bron: wikimedia commons)

(foto: Paris Révolutionnaire)

"Another remnant still standing is the curious building called La Ruche. An early artists’ collective, La Ruche, (‘the Hive’) hides in the rue de Dantzig (Metro: Convention, 15th arr.) a studio-refuge for artists and artisans. The space was inaugurated in 1902 by Alfred Boucher who had salvaged small round wooden structures made by Gustave Eiffel for the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition. The recycled wooden buildings were remade into miniscule studios stacked on top of each other." (bron: Footsteps of the Artists)

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