14 december 2022

Cory Arcangel #2

Cory Arcangel in his studio, Brooklyn, 2011(?). Stills from the video "Cory Arcangel: The Reprogrammer". (bron video: The New Yorker)

> Cory Arcangel

Cornelis Troost #2

Cornelis Troost: Zelfportret, 1745. (collectie: Mauritshuis)

07 december 2022

Cornelia Schleime #4

Cornelia Schleime in ihrem Berliner Atelier, 2022(?). (bron: Algemeine Zeitung, foto: Carsten Kampf)

> Cornelia Schleime

Klaas Gubbels #4

Klaas Gubbels in zijn atelier, 2021. (bron: olla/art)

06 december 2022

Constantin Brancusi #13

Brancusi in his studio with, from left, the Dada poet Tristan Tzara, the photographer Berenice Abbott, the poet Mina Loy, the publisher Jane Heap and the editor Margaret Anderson, 1921. (bron: artnet)

Constantin Brancusi #12

Constantin Brancusi: The Studio. (bron: Commune Design)

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Constant Permeke #9

Léon Spilliaert: Permeke schilderend te Sint-Martens-Latem in april 1912, 1912. (bron: Wikimedia Commons)

04 december 2022

Co Westerik #4

Co Westerik: Tekenaar in z'n atelier, 1980. (bron: Venduehuis der Notarissen)

Claude Viallat

Claude Viallat’s studio in Nîmes. (bron: La Gazette Drouot)

Claude Viallat in his studio, Nimes. (bron: A&R Fleury, foto: Anthony Maurin)

Claude Viallat dans son atelier. (bron: Objectiv Gard, foto: Anthony Maurin)

25 november 2022

Robert Rauschenberg, Susan Weil

Robert Rauschenberg demonstrating the blueprint exposure process, West Ninety-Fifth Street, New York, 1951.

Robert Rauschenberg holding a blueprint by Susan Weil and himself in their West Ninety-Fifth Street apartment, New York, 1951.

The story goes something like this: In 1951, as Weil recounted to me, Rauschenberg—then twenty-five—visited the offices of Life magazine to drum up interest in the couple’s work. Staff photographer Wallace Kirkland was dispatched to their tiny one-room apartment on the Upper West Side (they shared a kitchen and bathroom with a neighbor) to document their process. The fruits of that shoot, along with an accompanying unsigned, short text, appeared in the magazine’s April 9 issue; several black-and-white photos of Weil and Rauschenberg at work were reproduced alongside some of the resulting blueprint pictures in a three-page spread. In Weil’s telling, after Kirkland left the apartment, she and Rauschenberg had a dinner of cereal because it was all they could afford.
...." (bron: Artforum, foto's: Wallace Kirkland)

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> Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
> Susan Weil

Idris Khan #2

Idris Khan in his London studio, 2021(?). (bron: House & Garden, foto: Joshua Monaghan)

> Idris Khan | Instagram

Michael Landy #4

Michael Landy in his studio, east London, 2021.

"The east London studio of Michael Landy is located in what was once a storage facility for fruit and vegetables. It is one of two work spaces he has in this part of the city: the second is a light industrial building in Bethnal Green where, he explains, ‘I make a mess’. Of this studio, he says, ‘This is my thinking space. It is where I read, daydream and come up with ideas.’
(bron: House & Garden, foto's: Joshua Monaghan)

24 november 2022

David Noro

David Noro in his studio. (bron en foto's: Lasse Bech Martinussen)

> David Noro | Instagram

Claude Monet #19

Claude Monet in zijn atelier, Giverny. (bron: CR)

Claude Monet #18

Claude Monet: The atelier boat, 1875-1876. (bron: Wikimedia Commons)

18 november 2022

Claes Oldenburg #10

Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg with Spoonbridge and Cherry, Model, 1987, in their New York studio, 1987. (bron: Artforum, foto: Jan Staller)

"Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen displayed Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Walker Art Center’s Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in 1988. According to the center, the spoon weighs 5,800 pounds and the cherry weighs an extra 1,200 pounds. The cherry’s stem functions as a fountain, spraying water into the bowl of the spoon and the pond beneath it." (bron: CBC)

> Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen

09 november 2022

Cindy Sherman #5

Cindy Sherman in her New York Studio, 1993. (bron: 1stDIBS, foto: Jonathan Becker)

Chuck Close #10

Chuck Close in his studio during the 70s. (bron: BBC)

> Chuck Close

Christopher Le Brun #8

Christopher Le Brun in his studio, 2022(?). (bron: Lisson Gallery)

> Christopher Le Brun

07 november 2022

Morgan Betz #2

Atelier van Morgan Betz. (bron: Gallery Viewer)

30 oktober 2022

Charles Yuen

Charles Yuen in his studio, 2015. (bron: Art (inter) New York, foto: Paul D’Agostino)

Charles Yuen’s studio, New York, 2014. (bron: Romanov Grave)

> Charles Yuen

28 oktober 2022

Christo and Jean-Claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude in their studio at 48 Howard Street in Manhattan. (foto: Wolfgang Volz)


(foto's: Alexandre Corda)

Inside Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s studio at 48 Howard Street in New York. (bron: cool hunting en Galerie Magazine, foto: André Grossman)

Christo's studio as he left it. (bron: Wallpaper*, foto's: Brigitte Lacombe)

> Christo en Jeanne-Claude