vrijdag, januari 11, 2013

Albert Oehlen

"A small building on steeply sloping terrain that is almost always covered in snow, gives rise to a prismatic volume that is buried in the land to the north and hovers above the landscape to the south. It accommodates a diaphanous warehouse-like space for an artist's studio and a semi-basement devoted to storing artworks. A big picture window opens the atelier up to the landscape, while two skylights provide the space with top lighting. On the hillside the main volume and skylights are cut back in a triangular shape, giving the building its characteristic look. With its industrial finishes, volumes and white colouring the building aspires to blend in with the neighbouring residences and the snowbound landscape of the Saint-Gallen area.

For environmental efficiency we have tried to make the built volume as compact as possible, and buried part of it underground. The south-facing windows (with directional, motorized/monitored external blinds) harness the solar energy and obtain the best light levels for the workroom. The climate control draws on geothermic energy and is based on high-inertia building systems: a framework of concrete in the areas below ground and laminated wood in the rest of the complex, with chipboard panels with recycled paper and salt insulation. The whole building is clad in industrial planking, with a planted roof running on from the terrain." (bron: OpenBuildings)

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