29 augustus 2013

Daniel Richter #3

Daniel Richter in his studio. (bron: Stylemag.net, foto: Andy Rumball)

Daniel Richter #2

Daniel Richter In seinem Atelierloft in einem Hinterhof in Berlin-Schöneberg. (bron: HAZ)

Gerhard Richter #5

Gerhard Richter in His Studio. (bron: Daniel Blau, foto: Benjamin Katz)

Sol LeWitt #2

Regarded as a founder of Conceptual Art, Sol Lewitt devised guidelines and diagrams that allowed for artworks, such as his wall drawings, to be executed by his assistants. This has led rise to the myth that the artist didn't do work himself, when in fact he worked prolifically - in one summer alone painting more than 260 gouaches and often working seven days a week. (bron: Tate - Youtube)

Tal R #2

Basically I always wanted to make art about my surroundings." Meet Danish artist Tal R in his studio for a talk about a new series of paintings featuring his hometown Copenhagen.

Tal Rosenzweig was born in Israel in 1967, but grew up in Copenhagen. In this video he presents a series of pictures about places in Copenhagen, that he "rhymes on" - places, that are familiar to him and that in a way only exist, because he personally relates to them.

Painting something so close to you is on the one hand too simple, on the other hand completely impossible, Tal R states in this interview. "But there is also something magical about, that people can take their bike and look at the places, I have painted". In the video, Tal R talks about four paintings which are especially close to him, starting with the picture "Sortedam", that gave the Copenhagen-series it's title. All motives capture a special moment, which sometimes only exists for a second, Tal R states. "I look at all these places, as though they will disappear at any second." In that sense the series also becomes a dialogue between the living inhabitants of Copenhagen and the dead, whose lives and shadows are still a part of the city.

Tal R was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner. (bron: Louisiana Channel)

Tal R

Tal R in his Copenhagen studio. (bron: Architectural Digest, foto: Mikkel Vang)

(bron: politiken.dk, foto: Jens Dresling)

"Your studio looks like a domestic space, like a living room.

If you’re here for long periods, it’s nice to be able to fall asleep. Before, I used to lie on the floor among the works, stand up and continue. There was this elegant warp between walking and sleeping, working and walking and sleeping. So I have two beds here now and I’m building a third. To find routes, to find new paths into the work, you have to be around them a lot. You want to really, at the end of the day, surprise yourself, because what surprises you will surprise the viewer. Unpredictable moves on the dance floor."
Tal R in his Copenhagen Studio, 2012. (bron: Blouin Artinfo, tekst en foto: Scott Indrisek)

Sol LeWitt

Een jonge Sol LeWitt in zijn atelier in New York. (bron: Mister Motley)

A view from the Easel

"A series in which artists send in a photo and a description of their workspace." Nog maar eens aandacht voor deze serie met atelierfoto's bij Hyperallergic.

> A view from the Easel

27 augustus 2013

Felix Droese #2

Felix Droese aan het werk. (bron: Birthdeath)

Felix Droese

Felix Droese in seinem Atelier neben seiner "Hölderlin-Säule". (bron: Reutlinger General-Anzeiger)

Wim Vonk

Wim Vonk in zijn atelier, Weesp, vanaf 2010. (bron: Wim Vonk, photos from my studio)

> Wim Vonk

24 augustus 2013

Edward Hopper #2

1 Washington Square North, Manhattan. Edward Hopper, the master painter of uncomfortable, discomfiting domesticity, lived in a fourth-floor space at this address with his wife Jo from from 1913 until his death in 1967. NYU has preserved the space, which still holds many of the artist's tools. (bron: Galleristny)

Edward Hopper in his Washington Square studio, photographed in 1948. (bron: The Bowery Boys, foto: Berenice Abbott)

21 augustus 2013

George Inness

George Inness, seated in his studio, 1890. (foto: E. S. Bennett)

Inness's studio, Montclair, N.J., 1910. (bron: The Smithsonian Intitution's Photostream)

Lawrence Alma-Tadema #3

Lawrence Alma-Tadema: My Studio, 1867. (bron: Art & Artists)

02 augustus 2013

Tatiana Trouvé

Tatiana Trouvé, atelier. (bron: Bétonsalon)

Tatiana Trouvé in her studio in the Parisian suburb of Pantin, 2010. (bron: Catalogue, foto's: Lola Reboud)

Atelier de Tatiana Trouvé, Paris, janvier, 2007. (bron: Centre Pompidou Vituel)

Pierre Bonnard #9

The studio of French painter Pierre Bonnard, Le Cannet, Alpes-Maritimes, France 1944. (bron: Magnum Photos, foto: Henri Cartier-Bresson)

Guillermo Kuitca #3

In the studio of the Artist, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (bron: Magnum Photos, foto's Ferdinando Scianna)