donderdag, januari 17, 2013

Anish Kapoor #3

"The refurbishment project for the artist Anish Kapoor transforms a redundant building to a studio and archive space. The site is part of the artists campus of workshop/studio buildings on the street. The new studio is the first phase of the ongoing refurbishment programme for the campus.

Sculpture requires uniform north light to reduce shadow and read form. An area of the existing first floor was removed to make a high volume and the roof remodelled to create a north facing 16 meter by 4 meter translucent clerestory window.

The interior spaces provide varying atmospheres for presentation and workshop, with as-found space, high volume and upper level volume top light for painting. The spaces bridge the world of show and studio and are deliberately introverted to exclude external distractions." (bron: caseyfierroarchitects, foto's buiten: Ben Blossom)

> caseyfierroarchitects
> Anish Kapoor

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