28 juli 2020

David Hockney #18

David Hockney dans son atelier de Los Angeles, 1994. (bron: Paris Match, foto: Yann Gamlin)

> David Hockney

27 juli 2020

Willem de Kooning #22

Willem de Kooning’s studio, 1982(?). (foto's: Daniel Frasnay)

Zie ook de post van 6 november 2012 (hk).

Willem de Kooning’s studio and home, East Hampton. (bron: Commune Design)

> Willem de Kooning Foundation

Joan Miró #10

Joan Miro working in his studio, circa 1960. (bron: Dominic Winter Auctioneers en Cambi, foto's: Daniel Frasnay)

Joan Miro. (bron: Commune Design)

> Fundación Miró Mallorca

26 juli 2020

Ellsworth Kelly #17

Ellsworth Kelly with Agnes Martin in his studio at 3-5 Coenties Slip, New York, 1957. (bron: Art Canada Institute, foto: Hans Namuth)

Raoul Dufy #10

Raoul Dufy in zijn atelier. (bron: Smithsonian Magazine)

24 juli 2020

Rodney Graham #6

Rodney Graham in his studio, 2020(?). Stills from the video "Rodney Graham: 'Painting Problems'". (bron video: YouTube)

Rodney Graham #5

Rodney Graham: The Gifted Amateur November 10th 1962, 2007. (bron: circa art magazine)

Carl Spitzweg

Carl Spitzweg: An Italian Studio, 1840s.

"This scene of an artist's studio shows a young woman seated on a plinth. The large room is professionally furnished as an artist's studio complete with the recently invented and then fashionable carbide lighting, a plinth, a linen cloth background, and a stove to keep a comfortable room temperature. Two men, who Wichmann identifies as the artist and his patron, are seen conversing on the left.
The present work was painted in Italy, probably Venice, where the so-called Drummond light had been in use since 1826.
(bron: Lemperz)

Carl Spitzweg: Der Historienmaler, circa 1843.

this fascinating painting is thought to be a stylised depiction of the interior of Spitzweg's studio. Its occupant, wearing a long house coat and berret, stands admiring a group of paintings. Certainly, the painting abounds in tantalising self-referential clues. On the picture crate can be read 'Hanno', presumably the first letters of 'Hannover', a name he associated with bad luck throughout his career; while the plaster goddess of luck, wearing a fool's cap, is a symbol of his lack of success at Hanover's Kunstverein (artists' assocation). Thus, Spitzweg becomes the subject of the very mockery usually reserved for the Sonderlinge (odd men out) that people his pictorial world.
(bron: Sotheby's)

Carl Spitzweg: Der Porträtmaler, 1855. (bron: WikiArt)

Carl Spitzweg: Der Maler, Um 1860. (bron: Ketterer Kunst)

18 juli 2020

Berthe Morisot

Atelier parisien de Berthe Morisot en 1892. (bron: france inter)

Berthe Morisot in her workshop in Paris. (bron: bridgeman images)

14 juli 2020

Jack Whitten #4

Jack Whitten in his 40 Crosby Street studio, New York, circa 1974-1975. (bron: Walker Art Center)

Jack Whitten working in his studio in the 1970s. (bron: MPRnews)

Stills from the video "Jack Whitten: An Artist's Life". (bron video: Youtube | art21)

Jack Whitten in his studio, 1977. (photo from the Katy Siegel book High Times, Hard Times) (bron: pinterest)

Stills from the video "Jack Whitten: An Artist's Life". (bron video: Youtube | art21)

De verschillende bronnen melden verschillende data, mij lijken deze foto's allemaal uit één sessie te komen. De juiste datum blijft onzeker. (hk)

Willem de Kooning #21

Willem de Kooning studying a door painting, Woman, 1966. (bron: warholstars, foto: Dan Budnik)

> Willem de Kooning Foundation

12 juli 2020

(nieuw werk)

Harke Kazemier: Perry Island Reinvented, 2020.
olie op doek /oil on canvas
20 x 30 cm

> Harke Kazemier
> Harke Kazemier | facebook

10 juli 2020

Jack Whitten #3

Jack Whitten in his studio, 1989. (bron: The Nation)

Jack Whitten #2

Jack Whitten in his studio, Queens. Jack Whitten converted an old firehouse on a quiet street in Woodside, Queens into his studio. (bron: Studio Museum Harlem)

Jack Whitten

Jack Whitten in his studio, 2016. (bron: artnet, foto: Taylor Dafoe)

Jack Whitten in his Queens studio, 2015. (bron: ARTnews, foto's: Katherine McMahon)

Jack Whitten in his studio, working on "Quantum Wall, VIII (For Arshile Gorky, My First Love In Painting)", 2017. Stills from the video "Jack Whitten: An Artist's Life". (bron video: Youtube | art21)

Jack Whitten: Quantum Wall, VIII (For Arshile Gorky, My First Love In Painting), 2017. (bron: Hauser & Wirth)