31 augustus 2017

George Hendrik Breitner #8

Prinseneiland 24, 1984.

Prinseneiland 24, 2011.

Prinseneiland 24, achterzijde, 2011.

Prinseneiland 24, 2017.

"Aannemer C.J. Maks bouwde dit dubbele atelier in opdracht van schilder-fotograaf George Breitner, die zelf het grotere van de twee in gebruik nam. Breitner leverde de schetsen voor het ontwerp en de indeling van de ateliers.

Na Breitners vertrek in 1914 ging het grote atelier naar de schilder Kees Maks, zoon van de aannemer en leerling van Breitner.

Vermoedelijk is dit de eerste als zodanig gebouwde atelierwoning van Nederland."
(bron: 020apps)

Rosemin Hendriks #2

Rosemin Hendriks in haar atelier, 2008(?). (bron: De Gelderlander, foto: Ivonne Zijp)

Rosemin Hendriks in haar atelier, Arnhem, 2013. Stills uit de video "Oogmerk: Rosemin Hendriks". (bron video: YouTube)

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30 augustus 2017

Lauren Luloff #3

Interview with Lauren Luloff, 2013. Stills from the video. (bron video: Gorky's Granddaughter)

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Lauren Luloff #2

Visiting Artists, Lauren Luloff, New York, 2011. (bron: New York Times)

Studio Visit: Lauren Luloff, 2010.

Lauren's studio was a combination of greenhouse, studio space and living nook that she inhabits alongside her many many works. There was a large range of size and scale in her work from small 4" x 4" watercolors to large three dimensional painting apparatuses.
(bron: Tyler School of Art, Summer Painting Intensive)

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Lauren Luloff

Lauren Luloff, Studio Interior, Brooklyn, NY, 2014. (bron: Eyes Towards the Dove)

Studio visit, 2013(?).

The immense room she works in fills up with a lambent light at midday, flooding in from a large wall of windows that frame the trains that closely and frequently pass them by. A collection of plants, from succulents to vines, gather along the windows' edge turning a seductive dark green when the sun sneaks in past their growth. I could see clearly how her space must influence her work.
Wooden pillars that break up the room reminded me of the stretchers that are often visible in Lauren's paintings by either holding a partially translucent canvas or by being seen when her work is shown in the round. Lauren enhances found bed sheets with delicate bleach-drawn still lifes and landscapes. She also makes block printed patterns on them, a technique she learned while visiting India.
Up until recently, Lauren's studio was a live in. There was a seamless quality to both uses of the space — she certainly seemed to be living her art. Her use of found bed sheets as a surface and bleach as a painting element blur the line of domesticity and art as the products morph into the artist's material. Even the kitchen has taken on the characteristics of her work, with its chipped, brightly painted walls and strong aging lines of architecture.
(bron: Pencil in the Studio)

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Zoro Feigl

Zoro Feigl in zijn atelier, Amsterdam, 2016. (bron: gesprekken met hedendaagse kunstenaars)

Meer foto's en interview bij de bron (hk).

Zoro Feigl in zijn atelier, Amsterdam Noord, 2015. (bron: vice)

"Studio Zoro Feigl is located in Amsterdam-Noord in a former garage overlooking the water in a lively community containing artists, designers, craftsmen, builders, boaters and bikers."
(bron: Zoro Feigl | Studio)

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