30 oktober 2015

Ben Nicholson #2

Ben Nicholson with ‘1953 February (contrapuntal)’ in his St Ives studio, ca 1953.

Ben Nicholson holding ‘1949 October (Roché)’ with ‘1949 October (West Penwith)’ on the wall behind, in his studio in St Ives. 1954-55.

Ben Nicholson looking in the mirror showing his textile designs including c ‘1930 (numbers)’ in his studio in St Ives. 1954-55.

Ben Nicholson in his St Ives Studio, 1956. (bron: Tate, foto's Sam Lambert)

Ben Nicholson

Ben Nicholson in his Hampstead studio, c.1935. (bron: davidfranchi, foto: Humphrey Spender)

29 oktober 2015

28 oktober 2015

Cecily Brown #6

Cecily Brown's studio near Union Square.

Space is always a luxury, so the minute you have more, you get a bigger canvas. With each studio I got, I think by then I was on my third New York studio, and each had been a bit bigger than the last; I just naturally went bigger because I could. And also, because the galleries are big. I’d always tried, as a way of keeping myself on my toes, to change the proportions. I never just did 48 by 60 [inches]. I decided I should try to do something much smaller. There’s the old truism: It’s harder to make a small painting than a large one. Obviously, the large ones have a certain impact just because they’re big. It’s very challenging to make something small.
...." (bron: Vulture)

26 oktober 2015

Mike & Doug Starn

The Starn studio, Beacon, NY, 2010.

"The building is approximately the same square footage as an American football field and filled with work in various stages of development. The director of the studio, Gaudéricq Robiliard, showed us around and explained the various experimental processes that are currently being used in the two and three dimensional artworks.

A piece of Big Bambú engaged a large part of the studio. The huge sculpture is comprised of more than 2500 strips of bamboo lashed together with nylon mountain climbing rope. The piece changes often as lengths are unattached and reattached elsewhere moving the behemoth structure in a slow, cascading manner. The rest of Big Bambú is currently occupying the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art overlooking New York City’s Central Park through October 31st. This is one artwork that you must see.

There is a constant buzz of activity that envelops visitors to this place. The inherited space has a raw, industrial feel that is completely overshadowed by the warmth of creativity and workspace ingenuity. The harsh warehouse lighting has been dispersed by hanging large white semitransparent textiles. This sort of handmade feel to the functional furnishings pervade the interior design and predicate a sense of the practical genius that is at work." (bron: Nowhere Limited)

Bij Nowhere Limited is de hele serie van 74(!) foto's te zien (hk).

> Mike & Doug Starn

23 oktober 2015

Felix Droese #4

Felix Droese in zijn atelier. Stills uit "Heimat", een korte documentaire over kunstenaar Felix Droese, in opdracht van het CODA Museum, 2011. (bron: YouTube)

> Felix Droese

21 oktober 2015

Suzan Drummen #2

Atelier van Suzan Drummen, KNSM-eiland, Amsterdam.

Het uitzicht. (foto's en met dank aan: Suzan Drummen)

> Suzan Drummen
> Suzan Drummen | facebook

20 oktober 2015

Rob Scholte #2

Rob Scholte in Vierwindenstraat atelier te Amsterdam, mei 1982. (bron: Rob Scholte Museum, foto(?): Peter Mertens)

17 oktober 2015

Amedeo Modigliani #4

Jeanne Hebuterne at Amedeo Modigliani atelier in Montparnasse, Paris, 1919. (bron: ChaTToir)

16 oktober 2015

Les amants de Montparnasse

Modigliani in zijn atelier. Stills uit de film "Les amants de Montparnasse" van Jacques Becker uit 1958, met Gérard Philipe als Amedeo Modigliani.