30 maart 2020

Artists by Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson: Giacometti I

Peter Thomson: Giacometti II

Peter Thomson: Edward Hopper

Peter Thomson: Uglow

Peter Thomson: Auerbach

Peter Thomson: Rothko (bron: Open Eye Gallery)

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27 maart 2020


Caravaggio in zijn atelier. Stills uit de film "Caravaggio"van Derek Jarman uit 1986 met Nigel Terry als Caravaggio.

20 maart 2020

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec #7

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at work at Montmartre, Paris, 1889.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: Woman with an umbrella, 1889. Berthe the deaf in the garden of monsieur Forest. (bron: JadeArt)

19 maart 2020

Juul Kraijer

Juul Kraijer in haar atelier, 2012. (bron: RKD, foto's: Michie van Nieuwkerk)

Juul Kraijer in haar atelier, 2012. Stills uit de aflevering van "Hollandse Meesters" van Lisa Boerstra. (bron video: Hollandse Meesters)

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18 maart 2020

17 maart 2020

Giorgio de Chirico #8

Giorgio de Chirico in front of his works. (bron: parisenimages)

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Natalia Goncharova #4

Natalia Goncharova in her Parisian studio. (bron: parisenimages en pictify, foto's: Boris Lipnitsky(?))

Natalia Goncharova #3

Natalia Goncharova: Fruits and Engraving (In the artist’s studio), 1907-1908. (bron: The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine, collectie: Tula Museum of Fine Arts)

16 maart 2020

Wassily Kandinsky #4

Wassily Kandinsky with "Red Spot II", 1921. (bron: wassilykandinski.net)

Portrait of Wassily Kandinsky with "The dominant curve", 1936. (foto: Boris Lipnitsky)

Wassily Kandinsky in his studio, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1936. (bron: wassilykandinski.net, foto's: Boris Lipnitzki)

Wassily Kandinsky: Dominant Curve, 1936. (collectie: The Guggenheim Museum, New York)

Wassily Kandinsky #3

Kandinsky in his Munich apartment on Ainmillerstrasse,1913. (bron: Sotheby's, Foto: Gabriele Münter)

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15 maart 2020

Robert Motherwell #16

Pierre Chareau, Motherwell House, Hamptons, NY.

(bron: understanding architecture, Alastair Gordon, foto's: Hans Namuth(?))

The second-floor balcony of the house that Pierre Chareau designed for Robert Motherwell in East Hampton, New York, 1947. (bron: Archinect, foto: Judith Turner)

> Robert Motherwell | Dedalus Foundation

Robert Motherwell #15

Motherwell’s Quonset hut house and studio, East Hampton.

That year (1947), Motherwell had the architect Pierre Chareau design a home and studio that was built on a two-acre property in East Hampton. Chareau’s design used surplus army Quonset huts and other, simple low-cost materials. But Motherwell only used that studio for a few years before moving back to New York City.
(bron: Dedalus Foundation)

Motherwell’s Quonset hut house and studio, designed by Pierre Chareau, East Hampton, 1947. (bron: Dedalus Foundation)

(bron: The Architects Newspaper)

(bron: The Future Perfect)

Motherwell had purchased a four-acre plot in East Hampton’s estate section in 1945 for $1200. Motherwell bought two surplus quonset hut kits from the navy in 1950 ($3000) and Chareau and Motherwell designed and imagined them into useful and beautiful structures…in exchange for Chareau being able to build a small cottage for himself on the land. The article’s author Alastair Gordon suggests the project “was surprisingly sophisticated. Certain elements suggested a cruder, low-budget version of Chareau’s masterwork, the Maison de Verre in Paris”.
The metal structural members in the quonsets were painted Calder red. The windows Chareau and Motherwell used were re-purposed green house windows. Motherwell sold the house in 1954 to Barney Rosset, the publisher of Grove Press, who owned the house until 1980. In 1985 the new owners announced their decision to build an “Adirondack-style” house on the lot. “Early in the morning of Friday, August 2, 1985, the Motherwell house was bull-dozed and carted off to a local landfill.” The demolition included both Motherwell’s house and studio (“I did the best pictures of my life there…”) and Chareau’s tiny cottage “La Petite Maison de Repos”…the only three Chareau structures in the U.S.
(bron: Bonnie Hull)

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