30 september 2022

John Akomfrah

John Akomfrah in his studio, east London, 2018. (bron: Financial Times, foto: Harry Mitchell)

John Akomfrah on the roof of his London studio, 2020 (bron: Financial Times, foto: Adama Jalloh)

Chantal Joffe #8

Chantal Joffe in her London studio, 2018. (bron: Art Fund, foto: Suki Dhanda)

Chantal Joffe in her London studio, 2018. (bron: Evening Standard, foto: Matt Writtle(?))

Chantal Joffe in her studio, 2019. (bron: Flow Photographic Gallery, foto: Alex Schneideman)

Chantal Joffe in her studio. (bron en foto: Isabelle Young)

Chantal Joffe #7

Newspaper clipping from The Independent of artist Chantal Joffe in her studio at The Delfina Studio Trust, Bermondsey, 1995. (bron: Delfina Foundation)

29 september 2022

Samuel Bassett #2

Samuel Bassett in his studio, St. Ives. Stills from the video "Samuel Bassett ‘The Great Squall’ - Interview Film". (bron video: vimeo)

> Samuel Bassett

Samuel Bassett

Samuel Bassett in his studio. (bron: Free Spirits, foto: Rosie Osborne)

Samuel Bassett in his Porthmeor Studio, St. Ives. (bron: Artland Magazine)

Samuel Bassett in his studio. (bron: Multiplo)

> Samuel Bassett

Atelier 11

Atelier 11, Cité Falguière, Paris, France.

In 1960, the urban renewal of the Montparnasse district began. The City of Falguière, a privileged space that has seen the development of local and international modernity since the 1870s, is gradually being destroyed. Artists rebel, the community fights. In vain. In a few years, the thirty or so artists' studios gave way to residential buildings; only two survived the demolitions. L'Atelier 11, is today the last workshop still in operation, welcoming artists since its creation at the end of the 19th century. A Serbo-Russian artist, Mira Maodus lived and worked in Atelier 11 from 1979 to 2021, preserving her vocation as a creative space. In order to continue the artistic heritage of the workshop, the association L'AiR Arts, whose mission is to support intercultural exchanges through programs of artistic residencies, Launched the project to create an international arts research residency at Atelier 11. Together, AiR Arts and the Cité Falguière Association intend to restore and promote this international site and ensure its sustainability for future generations. The reopening is scheduled for 2023, in a renovated and sustainable setting, in order to continue offering opportunities for intercultural exchanges, in line with the Paris School.
...." (bron: openagenda)

Atelier 11 in September 2021 and Misteries of Natural Light by resident artist Chris Lashbrook. (bron: Artpool)

Ties Ten Bosch, a L’AiR Arts resident artist from Netherlands/Germany on Atelier 11’s balcony.

One account of the studio that amused me describes the two artists lying on the floor, having just tossed out their bedbug-infested furniture. Given the lack of electricity, each man held a candle to read: Le Petit Parisien for the Russian expressionist painter, Soutine, and Dante for the Italian Modigliani—he of the long-necked, oval-faced portraits. Might not sound all that enticing to others, given the vermin—or the contemporary threat of Covid—but in the over 100 years since Modigliani and Soutine occupied that room, the studio has become something quite significant: Atelier 11, the sole remnant of La Cité Falguière.
...." (bron: Frenchly)

Atelier 11, Cité Falguière, Paris, France. (bron: Artland)

28 september 2022

César Domela

César Domela in zijn atelier in Parijs, 1983. (bron: RKD, foto: Victor Skrebneski)

César Domela, atelier, Paris, 1982. (bron: David Boeno)

César Domela in zijn atelier, voor 1977. (bron: Boekhandel Bloks)

25 september 2022

César #6

César in his studio in Paris. (bron: Salon 94, foto: Michel Delluc)

(bron: Newsweek)

23 september 2022

Diana Thater


Diana Thater in her studio and workspace, Los Angeles, 2016(?). Stills from the Art21 series Art in the Twenty-First Century episode "Los Angeles". (bron video: Art21)

Diana Thater in her studio, Los Angeles, 2012(?). Stills from the video "Diana Thater - Light and Space - The Artist's Studio". (bron video: YouTube)

Diana Thater in her studio in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, 2015. (bron: The Wall Street Journal, foto: Ye Rin Mok)

> Diana Thater

22 september 2022

Tomás Saraceno #2

Tomás Saraceno Studio, Berlin. (bron en foto's: Daniel Schäfer)

> Tomás Saraceno

Thomas Struth #3

Thomas Struth studio, Berlin. (bron en foto's: Daniel Schäfer)

> Thomas Struth