29 juni 2018

Marc Chagall #10

Marc Chagall peint le plafond de L'Opera Garnier, Paris, 1964. (bron: newdawn, Télérama en franceinfo, foto's: Izis)

Marc Chagall's ceiling insie the Opera National of Paris. (bron: Scibbles and Smiles)

Marc Chagall working on the panels for New York’s Metropolitan Opera: The Triumph of Music, in Paris, 1966.(bron: Télérama, Imago Musica en Galerie Magazine, foto's(?): Izis)

Marc Chagall:, Final model for the wall painting at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York: The Triumph of Music (detail), 1966.

Keith Haring #7

Keith Haring, 1986.

"Last week, a mural Keith Haring painted in Amsterdam in 1986 was re-exposed to the public after being covered up by insulation panels for 29 years.

Haring traveled to Amsterdam in 1986 for a solo show at the Stedelijk Museum. In addition to creating a large-scale and riotously colorful canvas inside the museum (which it recently restored and reinstalled), he asked if he could make a public work. The museum offered the exterior wall of its art storage facility, and Haring set to work, completing the 40-foot-tall mural in a single, chilly day in March 1986.

The mural, rendered in white paint that pops against the red brick wall, depicts an enormous fish-dog hybrid figure with a more characteristic Haring figure riding on its back. The mural is signed “XXX KH86” in its lower-right-hand corner. Three years later, the Stedelijk moved out of the city-owned building, which became a cold storage facility, and aluminum insulation siding was added to its exterior, completely concealing Haring’s mural.

Following the restoration of the Stedelijk’s large canvas and a campaign by the Dutch street artist Aileen “Mick La Rock” Middel, the museum, the Keith Haring Foundation, and street art dealer Olivier Varossieau organized the removal of the panels. The virtually unscathed mural was uncovered on June 18."
(bron: hyperallergic, foto's: Patricia Steur)

> Keith haring Foundation

28 juni 2018

Kees van Dongen #10

"Kees van Dongen verbleef van 1899 tot 1916 in Parijs. “Ik woon heel hoog, erg plezierig gezond en werk vee” schreef Van Dongen aan zijn vriend Chris Addicks in een brief(schets; brief 6 december 1900). De kunstenaar woonde op een zolderverdieping die hij na een poos ook al atelier inrichtte."
(bron: Kunstkieken.nl)

Kees van Dongen #9

Kees van Dongen in his studio in the rue de Courcelles, Paris, 1959.

Kees van Dongen in conversation with Rudolf Engers and Eline Dekkinga in his studio on the rue de Courcelles, Paris, 1959.

Het exterieur van het atelier van Kees van Dongen aan de rue de Courcelles, Parijs, 1959. (bron: Collectie Nederland, foto's: Cor Dekkinga)

Kees Van Dongen dans son atelier, villa Saïd à Paris, vers 1954. (foto: Roger Berson(?))

27 juni 2018

Paul Delvaux #4

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Paul Delvaux. (bron: Collectie Nederland, foto's: Nico Koster)

> Foundation Paul Delvaux

Nico Koster: kunstenaarsportretten #6

Anton Martineau in his studio.

Anton Martineau at work.

Carel Willink.

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Karel Appel aan het werk.

Karel Appel in his studio.

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Karel Appel with a number of his sculptures.

Walasse Ting aan het werk.

Willem de Kooning. (bron: Collectie Nederland, foto's: Nico Koster)

> Anton Martineau
> Carel Willink
> Karel Appel Foundation
> Willem de Kooning Foundation

Nico Koster: kunstenaarsportretten #5

Melle in his studio.


Nic Jonk in his studio.

Nic Jonk aan het werk in zijn atelier.

Paul Citroen in his studio.

Paul Citroen at work.

Shinkichi Tajiri aan het werk.

Theo Wolvecamp in his studio. (bron: Collectie Nederland, foto's: Nico Koster)

> Stichting Melle
> Shinkichi Tajiri

Nico Koster: kunstenaarsportretten #4

Karel Appel at work.

Kees van Bohemen.

Kees van Bohemen aan het werk.

Kees van Bohemen in his studio.

Klaas Gubbels.

Lotti van der Gaag.

Lucebert in his studio.

Lucebert at work. (bron: Collectie Nederland, foto's: Nico Koster)

> Karel Appel Foundation