donderdag, januari 31, 2013

Kunst en Complex

Kunst en Complex was established in 1998 in an empty factory building in an industrial area in the Rotterdam docks. The studio community is a rich breeding ground for a variety of cultural activities. The K&C building offers 24 studio spaces in which 26 institute members work. In the interest of preserving and expanding meaningful contacts with both Dutch and foreign artists, three extra spaces were established as workshops for (foreign) artists and a guest studio programme was developed. Since 1998, 115 artists from every corner of the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Guyana, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Austria, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, USA, and Switzerland) have made use of these facilities. (bron: Artist In The World, foto's: André Smits)

> Ellen Dijkstra

> Duotuin / Tom Mosman en Margriet Essink

> Jeannette Ephraïm

> Marianne Fontein

Ronald Glasbergen

Rop de Graaf

Jan Grosfeld

> Stephan Gross

> Herman Helle

> Joannes Hoes

Ludo Hoes

Alex Jacobs

Riemke de Jong

> Jeroen Kuster

> Wilco Kwerreveld

> Joep van Lieshout

> Olaf Mooij

Jozef van Rossum

Charlotte Schleiffert

> Onno Poiesz

Eveline Visser

> Niels Post

> Kunst en Complex

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