24 februari 2024

Franz West #9

Franz West in his Sandwirtgasse studio, Vienna, 1988. (bron: Artforum)

Franz West #8

Franz West in his studio. (bron: Mario Sequeira)

Franz Kline #8

Outside view of Franz Kline’s 242 West 14th Street studio, 1961. (foto: Virginia Dortch)

Franz Kline in his studio at 242 West 14th Street, 1961. (foto: Fred W. McDarrah)

Interior view of Kline’s 242 West 14th Street studio, 1961. Kline with Piero-Dorazio. (foto: Virginia Dortch)

Franz Kline rented the main floor at 242 West 14th Street as his studio space from 1957 until his death in 1962. 242 West 14th Street is a brick Italianate rowhouse between 7th and 8th Avenues built in 1853, and altered in 1897 to accommodate its new commercial usage with a store on the ground and main floor, with offices above. For the alteration, architect Franklin Bayliss added the imposing cast-iron storefront to its basement, first and second floors, as well as new show windows and a stoop. This cast iron storefront exemplifies 14th Street’s character at the time — no longer a thoroughfare of grand single-family residences as it once was, but rather a bustling, commercial hub.
The large storefront windows provided the ample lighting that Franz Kline required for his creative process.
...." (bron: Village Preservation Blog)

20 februari 2024

Franz Erhard Walther #3

Franz Erhard Walther in his studio, 1958. (bron: Bilder Fuchs)

Franz Alt

Franz Alt: Atelier des Malers Franz Alt in der Skodagasse 11, 1874. (bron: Wien Museum Online Sammlung)

16 februari 2024

Frans Franciscus #4

Atelier van Frans Franciscus, Amsterdam. (bron: Museum W)

Atelieroverzicht met studies naar Gregor van der Schardt, 2022. (bron: Mister Motley)
> Frans Franciscus

Camille Claudel

Ateliers van Camille Claudel.

Ateliers van Auguste Rodin. Stills uit de film "Camille Claudel" van Bruno Nuytten uit 1988, met Isabelle Adjani als Camille Claudel en Gérard Depardieu als Auguste Rodin.

15 februari 2024

Frank Walter #4

"Visited the studio this morning. Didn’t go inside, but I was able to experience where he worked. It’s well hidden and hasn’t been maintained. I wouldn’t recommend visiting it. Not because it’s not worth it but because it’s private. It’s not really there anymore. What remains is the landscape. There’s kind of a scary character living wild up there. He wasn’t happy to see us to say the least. I understand. Frank’s Legacy is the work . Not this humble studio. It’s hard to attach someone who made such colorful, potent images and sculptures to a place like I saw. I’m not denigrating it. It’s just the way it is. When he was alive, it was a different place. He took care of it ~~ I’m trying to figure it out and piece it together in my head ..walking up the road and on the path to his studio, I could imagine him doing the same. The remote location is difficult to access. to get there makes the work all the more powerful. there’s hope that in the future the family may be able to restore it somewhat. But it’ll be a while. We’re fortunate to have the work to look at…fortunate so much has been lovingly preserved. —-i’m here on this trip because I’m doing a show alongside Frank’s at the drawing center @drawingcenter this summer. I know that show will be really good. At least Frank’s half :-). ~~~~~~~~~~No mine will be good too~"
(bron: Josh Smith | Instagram, foto's en tekst: Josh Smith)

> Frank Walter