30 juli 2013

Zao Wou-Ki

Zao Wou-Ki in his studio, France. (bron: Magnum Photos, foto: Martine Franck)

Alex Katz #3

Alex Katz in his studio, New York City, 1995. (bron: Magnum Photos, foto: Inge Morath)

28 juli 2013

Robert Motherwell #10

Robert Motherwell in his studio at 33 West 8th Street, New York, ca. 1945. (bron: Art Tattler)

Constant #7

In het atelier van Constant. Vlnr Corneille, Constant, Wolvecamp, Appel, 1949. (bron; wieiswieinoverijsel, foto: Nico Koster)

22 juli 2013

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

La destruction de l'ancien atelier de Renoir, le 23 mars 1918 rue Saint-Georges. (bron: paperblog)

21 juli 2013

Lawrence Alma-Tadema #2

Lawrence Alma Tadema Studio Interior, Wood Engraving, 1886. (bron: Ebay)

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Alma-Tadema in his London studio.

Patrick Caulfied

Patrick Caulfield: Artist´s Studio, 1964. (bron: Art & Artists)

Matthias Weischer #2

Matthias Weischer: Atelier I, 2005.

Matthias Weischer: Atelier II, 2005. (Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative)

Matthias Weischer

Matthias Weischer working studies painting destined for the Simultan exhibition, at the Künstlerhaus Bremen in September 2004.Leipzig, Germany, 2004. (bron: Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative)

Matthias Weischer: Studio.

20 juli 2013

Jasper Johns #6

Jasper Johns and James Meyer in the studio. According to James Meyer, the photo was taken in Johns' Houston Street studio, the old Provident Loan Society lobby. (bron: sokref1's Photostream, foto: Hans Namuth)

17 juli 2013

R.B. Kitaj #2

R.B. Kitaj in seinem Atelier, auf der Staffelei das Gemälde "Self-Portrait (Hockney Pillow)", 1993. (bron: Getidan, foto: Lee Friedlander)

R.B. Kitaj

View into the Yellow Studio in L.A., 2007. (bron: Jewish Museum Berlin, ...failed painter, Getidan, foto's: Robert Wedemeyer)

15 juli 2013

William Merritt Chase #2

William Merritt Chase: In the Studio Corner, ca 1881.

William Merritt Chase: In the Studio, 1882. (bron: Art & Artists)

Larry Rivers #4

Larry Rivers: Studio, 1959/60. (uit: Pinakothek der Moderne, uitg: Pinakothek-Dumont, collectie: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munchen)


Harke Kazemier: Where are we now, 2009/2013.

Nieuw werk op mijn site

> Harke Kazemier

13 juli 2013

Luc Tuymans #2

Luc Tuymans in his studio. (bron: ArtObserved)

Sigmar Polke

Sigmar Polke in seinem Atelier (bron: Frankfurter Algemeine, foto: Thomas Kelnner)

12 juli 2013

Emil Nolde

Ehemaliges Wohnhaus und Atelier von Emil Nolde in Seebüll. (foto's: Wolfgang Hanko)

05 juli 2013


Stills uit de film "Renoir" uit 2012 van regiseur Gilles Bourdos, met Michel Bouquet als Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir aan het werk, een film van Sacha Guiltry uit 1915.

04 juli 2013

Yinka Shonibare

"I’ve worked from this studio in East London for three years. The area has a lot of artists, we’re near Broadway Market — dynamic— and the canal — beautiful." Yinka Shonibare in his London studio. (tekst: The Times, foto: Maria Spann)

03 juli 2013

Walton Ford #2

Painter Walton Ford's studio in Great Barrington. (bron en foto's: Jason Houston)

Walton Ford

(bron: Monster Brains)

(bron: arrestedmotion)

"I turned left [on MA 23] and stuck my thumb out; the third car pulled in and I was in a truck with a nice young guy heading into town. We talked about tent caterpillars and all the rich New Yorkers buying up the local real estate for weekenders and holiday homes…

He took me to a cool cafe in the back streets, bought me a coffee and I met another guy, a stocky bald guy in a black T-shirt, keen to talk about his recent 10-day trip along the A.T. in Maine… I talked history (Shays’ Rebellion) and nature with the second one and he soon offered to take me to the Trail… We talked mostly about the Trail, travelling light, animals; only later did I learn that he was an established and well-known artist called Walton Ford who had a studio in town… Well, it turned out to be one of the most inspirational mornings of my life…

I’ve already stocked up on Yukon Jack at the local “package store” (as liquor stores in this part of New England are known), and Great Barrington being a pretty, artsy, alternative, folksy kind of town, my food bags now bulge with quinoa, dried organic bananas, walnuts, humus, and vegan chocolate-chip cookies from the splendid whole-foods store. A welcome change from Snickers bars and Pop Tarts. But I’m short on one crucial type of fuel: methylated spirits, as we Australians call it, or denatured alcohol in American.

“I think I’ve got some in my studio,” Walton says. “Here’s an idea. I got nothing on this morning. Why don’t we stop in and get you some fuel, then I’ll take you on a drive, show you some of the Berkshires? I’ll drop you back at the Trail later.”

My luck, as so often happens on a long walk, has taken an abrupt switchback for the better.

Soon we were in his car, stopping at his amazing, cluttered, chaotic studio to find me some denatured alcohol among the papers, magazines, sketches, paintings, CDs, paints, and general joyous disarray of the place. While there his agent called and I admired his pictures of colourful, riotously extravagant animal portraits — birds, bison, wolves, lions — in a kind of updated classical style from the age of exploration and colonisation, with snatches of contemporary written accounts blended into the background, and little surreal or historical touches: buzzing flies, a burning building in the distance…" (bron: The Goat that Wrote)

Isa Genzken #2

(bron: Artnet)

Isa Genzken in ihrem Berliner Atelier (bron: Art, foto's: Wolfgang Tillmans)

02 juli 2013

Olafur Eliasson #2

Einar Thorsteinn in Olafur Eliasson’s Berlin studio. Einar is an architect, mathematician, and visionary, a protégée of Buckminster Fuller, who collaborates with Olafur on his geometric constructions and the Model Room, which has been exhibited widely. (bron: Carol Diehi's Art Vent, foto's: Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon)