29 mei 2019

Francesco Clemente #10

Francesco Clemente in zijn atelier. Rome, 2012. Stills uit de video "Francesco Clemente – Studio Visit | TateShots". (bron video: Tate)

> Francesco Clemente

Stanley Whitney #4

Stanley Whitney in his Ridgewood, New York, studio, 2017. (bron: artnews, foto's: Katherine McMahon)

Stanley Whitney )and Darin Forehand) signing lithography suite, New York City, 2018. (bron: Forehandpress)

Stanley Spencer #4

Stanley Spencer standing on a trestle table as he works on his mural, 'Christ talking with people at Cookham Regatta' at his Cookham, Berkshire studio, 1959. (bron: Sotheby's, foto: Harry Todd)

Stanley Spencer: Christ talking with people at Cookham Regatta (unfinished), 1959. (bron: Workingham Art Society)

Stanley Spencer: Christ talking with people at Cookham Regatta (detail). (bron: It's About Time)

Stanley Spencer #3

Stanley Spencer Painting ‘Helter Skelter’ at Hampstead Heath, c1937. (bron: Museums Sheffield, foto's: J B Rustomjee)

Stanley Spencer: Helter Skelter, 1937.

28 mei 2019

Urs Fischer #5

The mezzanine above Fischer's archive.

The library.

One of many workstations in the main studio.

A view of the courtyard.

Urs Fischer's studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2018.

Since moving his operation a decade ago to this nondescript building steps from the waterfront in Red Hook, Fischer has directed a complete overhaul. Ten skylights now help brighten the 20-foot-tall main room. From the elevated kitchen and dining area, reached by an elegantly minimal wooden staircase, Fischer has a master-of-the-universe view of works in progress: models of abstract, hand-squeezed clay sculptures that will scale up to 45 feet; tables covered with snail shells that he’ll program to crawl on the floor, leaving snail-trail drawings of faux mucus. Houseplants abound, and a glass wall opens onto a garden, formerly a truck lot.
(bron: Architectural Digest, foto's: Yoshihiro Makino)

> Urs Fischer

Spencer Sweeney #4

Wild meeting in Spencer Sweeney’s Chinatown studio between legendary reggae producer Lee Perry and artist Spencer Sweeney for an upcoming show of collaborative works, 2017.

"The music was loud and color was exploding everywhere. Sweeney’s studio is a riot of visual delights."
(bron: Let'sPanic)

Zie ook de video van de ontmoeting bij YouTube (hk).

27 mei 2019

Spencer Finch #4

Spencer Finch in his studio introducing teens to his Highline project The River That Flows Both Ways (2009). (bron: art21 magazine)

> Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch #3

Spencer Finch: Paper Moon (Studio Wall at Night), 2012. (bron: Lisson Gallery)

Spencer Finch: Study for Light in an Empty Room (Studio at Night), 2015. (bron: James Cohan)

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