donderdag, januari 17, 2013

the ex-school

Studio community
"In many ways the school was a common studio and, at times, a cohabitation (collectives, as they are called nowadays), but it was/is also an open framework, which was/is filled by people who put themselves inside the framework and communicated with others within the same framework. During the studio period, the entrance conditions were very simple: those that had taken the trouble to find out that the school existed, had taken the trouble finding it, and then plodded through the door was a member, until they disappeared out the door again. There was a lot of talking and gossip, a lot of sharp criticism; both internally and externally. And the thin-skinned, who could not argue how and why the divine inspiration had led them to where they were, usually packed it in fairly quickly."

Studio comunity in Pilestræde 4. From left: Per Kirkeby, John Davidsen, Peter Louis-Jensen, Jan Grünwald, and Ole Knudsen. (foto Egon Engmann)

"Poul Gernes, Per Kirkeby, John Davidsen, Peter Louis-Jensen and Bjørn Nørgaard are today well-known names on the Danish and international art scene, and though their careers have turned out quite differently, the starting point of their artistic work is the same. They were all part of The experimental art school in Copenhagen during the 1960s.
In 1961 Poul Gernes and art historian Troels Andersen founded an alternative to the Art Academy; the so-called Ex-school.
Throughout the 1960s the school served as an inspirational centrifuge for young artists, and pop art, happenings, minimalism and experimental film were part of its repertoire." (bron: museum jorn)

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