30 november 2015

The seven (6) ages of an artist

Rachel Jones (24) in her east London studio.

Laure Prouvost (37) in her east London studio.

Rachel Whiteread (52) in her London studio.

Richard Deacon (66) photographed in his studio in south London.

Susan Hiller (75) in her studio.

Paula Rego (80) in her studio. (bron: The Guardian, foto's: Antonio Olmos)

> Laure Prouvost
> Rachel Jones
> Richard Deacon
> Susan Hiller

Rachel Whiteread #6

Rachel Whiteread in her studio, from the series First Women by Anita Corbin, March 2011. (bron: Art Fund, foto: Anita Corbin)

29 november 2015

Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang Studio, mai 2009, Beijing. (bron: Contemporary Chinese Art)

Zhang Xiaogang in his Beijing studio, september, 2009. (bron: ArtAsiaPacific, foto: Natalie Behring)

Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso

Georges Braque, 1943.

Pablo Picasso, 1944. (bron en foto's: Pierre Jahan)

Pablo Picasso #20

Pablo Picasso with his wife Olga Kokhlova in his London scene-painter’s workshop, 1919. (bron: Simanaitis Says)

27 november 2015

Gerrit van Bakel

Atelier/werkplaats van Gerrit van Bakel. (bron: Gerrit van Bakel)

Gerrit van Bakel aan het werk. (bron: ED)

Zwerf ook door het atelier op de mooie en complete site van/voor Gerrit van Bakel. Ook met een overzicht van zijn werk en veel verdre informatie. (hk)

26 november 2015

Bram van Velde #2

Bram van Velde in zijn atelier, Parijs, Frankrijk, oktober 1959. (bron: Maria Austria Instituut, foto's: Eva Besnyö)

25 november 2015

Salvador Dali #4

(bron: Art Pictural)

Salvador Dali: Dali from the Back Painting Gala from the Back Eternalized by Six Virtual Corneas Provisionally Reflected in Six Real Mirrors, 1973. (bron: WikiArt, collectie: Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation)

Salvador Dalí had a lifelong interest in stereoscopic perception, however it was not until the 1970’s that he began producing a series of stereoscopic paintings (18 stereoscopic paintings and studies –some unfinished– are listed in his output from that era).
Dalí incorporates binocular rivalry in this pair of stereoscopic paintings comprising the unfinished work,“Dalí from the Back Painting Gala from the Back Eternalized by Six Virtual Corneas Provisionally Reflected in Six Real Mirrors” (1977). Note the colors of the drapes and of Dalí’s shirt are swapped in the left and right paintings. This provides a lustrous sheen reminiscent of silk or velvet. There are other variations as well on the canvas, the walls, mirror frame, and of course that unintended by the unpainted faces in the right image (appearing on the left in this pair as they are swapped for cross-eye free-viewing).
...." (bron: Michael Scroggins)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec #5

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec in his Studio with Misia Natanson, 1895. (bron: The Red List, foto's: Edouard Vuillard)

24 november 2015

Rudolf Valster

Rudolf Valster in zijn atelier tijdens ARTWEST Open Ateliers afgelopen weekend.

Van 27 november tot en met 6 december is zijn solo tentoonstelling "Wenn die Haifische..." te zien bij WG KUNST in Amsterdam (hk).

> Rudolf Valster

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec #4

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, (bron: gag daily, foto: Hulton)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec #3

Toulouse-Lautrec portretteert Toulouse-Lautrec, ca 1894. (bron: Glasstire, foto: Maurice Guibert)

Frida Kahlo #6

Frida Kahlo painting a portrait of Jean Wight, San Francisco, 1931. (bron: Frida Kahlo in America)

Frida Kahlo: Portrait of Mrs. Jean Wight, 1931.

Frida Kahlo painting "Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States" in the Detroit Institute of Arts mural project studio, 1932. (bron: vintage everyday, foto: W.J. Stettler)

Frida Kahlo: Self Portrait Along the Boarder Line Between Mexico and the United States, 1932. (bron: fridakahlo.org)