29 november 2019

Edvard Munch #13

Ekely rond 1930, met Munchs Winteratelier op de achtergrond. (bron: Wikipedia)

Edvard Munch #12

Edvard Munch at Ekely, 1938. (bron: SFMoMA)

Munch in his winter studio in front of the painting of 'The Sun'. Photograph from 1943 by Edvard Munch. (bron: World of Art Global)

Edvard Munch: The Sun, 1912–1913. (collectie: Munch Museet, Oslo)

27 november 2019

Edvard Munch #11

Edvard Munch at his home in Ekely. Munch had built permanent outdoor studios, where he would paint his larger works. (bron: Tall girl's fashion) (Zie ook de foto bij de post van 3 februari 2017.)

Edvard Munch #10

Edvard Munch: Vinteratelieret under bygging (Winter studio under construction), 1929. (collectie: Munch Museet, Oslo)

Paintings in the Winter Studio in Ekely, 1931-32. (bron: AnOther, foto: Edvard Munch)

Munch's 'winter' studio as it is today (2019).

The entrance to the Ekely studio.

Inside the studio. (bron: The Lady Travels)

Edvard Munch in his winter studio, 1938. (bron: Medium) (een uitsnede van deze foto plaatste ik eerder in de post van 3 februari 2017)

25 november 2019

Anish Kapoor #9

Atelier van Anish kapoor, 2015. (bron en foto: Joke de Wolf)

> Anish Kapoor

Edgar Fernhout

Edgar Fernhout: Schilderende handen, 1930.

p het doek Schilderende handen uit 1930 is de schilder aan het werk met een penseel in zijn ene hand en een verfpalet in de andere hand. Het is een afbeelding van de aan het werk zijnde schilder en een concrete illustratie van het maakproces, dat aan een schilderij voorafgaat.

Maar Schilderende handen is gelijkerijd ook een kunstwerk op zich. De toeschouwer krijgt een kijkje in het atelier van Fernhout en wordt geraakt door de fraaie compositie van het doek.
(bron: AD, collectie: Dordrechts Museum)

21 november 2019

Winslow Homer #8

Winslow Homer: The Studio, 1867.

"A cellist and a violinist, probably amateur musicians, are shown practicing in an artist’s studio, using easels as music stands. Whether Homer painted "The Studio" during his visit to Paris in 1866–67 or later, in New York, the canvas has a French character. Bohemian life provided a wealth of material for painters and writers in France during this period."
(bron en collectie: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Pablo Picasso #27

Pablo Picasso: Quatre études de l'atelier de l'artiste, 1914-1917. (bron: RMN)

Doug Aitken #3

Doug Aitken Studio, Venice, CA.

"Located just off of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, Doug Aitken Studio is the 2,000 sqft workshop of the celebrated multimedia artist. Styled after contemporary California beach houses, the front building is home to the creative workshop, and the rear building handles post-production, while a communal courtyard brings the two together. The front building features frameless windows, and white, smooth trowel plaster gives the exterior an unpretentious appearance while providing the artist the freedom of a blank canvas."

Projecct completed in 2013. (bron: Kevin Tsai Architecture)

> Doug Aitken

20 november 2019

Doug Aitken #2

Doug Aitken’s new studio, Washington Boulevard, Culver City.

Driving along Washington Boulevard four years ago, he saw a hand-lettered ‘For Sale’ sign in front of a transmission repair shop. When Aitken stopped to enquire, he was greeted gruffly by the owner, a man in oily overalls who said he would only sell to someone who worked with his hands. Aitken said he was an artist and it turned out that the owner had done work for Robert Rauschenberg and other artists over the years. After months of courtship, Aitken convinced the owner to sell him the place.

It was covered in greasy soot and contained 12 huge hoists for cars, but it was also a rare 1940s bow-truss structure with arched wood ceilings held in place by cross beams instead of interior columns. Following the sale, the owner called him to report that if he redid the signage atop the building within three months, he wouldn’t need a permit to do so. The vertical stack of signs now glows with Aitken’s images of a sunset and the phrase ‘I Don’t Know’. Illuminated at night, it beams across the 405 Freeway.
Though Aitken had designed and built a house in Venice, he felt the need for additional studio space with room for the material. ‘I wanted to have more intimacy, living with works before they went away from me and into the public. I had this desire to live with these physical pieces, so I could change them over time.’

The Washington Boulevard studio, 8,000 sq ft with 35 ft ceilings, is a showcase for individual works such as the portfolio of photographs that he put together for the November 2019 issue of Wallpaper*
(bron: Wallpaper*, foto's: Mark Mahaney)

> Doug Aitken

18 november 2019

Robert Delaunay #3

Robert Delaunay, Atelier rue des Grands Augustins. (bron:RMN)

Robert Delaunay: Tour Eiffel et jardins du Champ-de-Mars, 1922. (bron: Centre Pompidou-Metz, collectie: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Smithsonian Institution)

15 november 2019

Tsuguharu-Léonard Foujita #5

Léonard Foujita dans sa maison-atelier, Villiers-le-Bâcle, ap. 1961. (bron: RMN)

Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu travaillant dans son atelier, Paris, 1961. (bron: RMN, foto's: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

James Rosenquist #9

James Rosenquist travaillant dans son atelier, New York. (bron: RMN, foto's: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

> James Rosenquist

Larry Rivers #10

Larry Rivers dans son atelier, New York 1962. (bron RMN, foto: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

> Larry Rivers Foundation

Josh Smith #2

Josh Smith in his studio, Bushwick, New York, 2015. Stills from the video "Josh Smith: Sculpture". (bron video: vimeo)

14 november 2019

David Mach #2

David Mach's home and studio, Havelock Walk, London.

"For more than 15 years, a converted 19th century warehouse on a quiet cobbled mews in London's Forest Hill has been home to one of the UK's most successful and well-regarded artists, David Mach. Mach was first drawn to the two-storey property's peaceful location and internal proportions. And over the years, the high-ceiling open-plan interiors have been perfect for the creation and exhibiting of many sizeable artworks. The ground floor studio easily accommodates several Victorian printing presses as well as spacious work areas and also houses Mach's meticulously catalogued library of cuttings or 'hard copy'. Sizeable warehouse windows front and back flood the space with light. Mach's enormous sculptures and collages are regularly displayed in exhibitions around the world and warehouse doors enable his team to move the works in and out of the studio with relative ease.
Scotland now beckons for Fife-born Mach and so his converted warehouse is for sale.
(bron: Warehouse Home)

David Mach in his London studio. (bron: The Courier)

> David Mach