25 april 2024

Larry Bell #2

Larry Bell in his Marine Street Studio, Venice, California, 1963. (bron: VoCA en Marvin Silver, foto's: Marvin Silver)

> Larry Bell
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Larry Bell

Larry Bell standing in an entrance of his studio, Taos, New Mexico.

Larry Bell in hes glass work studio.

Stacks of coloured glass.

(bron: Avant Arte)

Larry Bell inside his studio in Taos, New Mexico, 2018. (bron: Galerie, foto: Douglas Friedman)

Larry Bell in front of the open vacuum tank, 2023.

Outside Larry Bell’s studio. (bron: Hauser & Wirth, foto's: Kalen Goodluck)

(bron: Galerie)

> Larry Bell
> Larry Bell | Instagram

Nina Chanel Abney #3

Nina Chanel Abney in her studio, New York City. (bron: Avant Arte, foto's: Rafael Rios)

> Nina Chanel Abney

Angel Otero #3

Angel Otero in his studio, 2012. Stills from the video "ISTANBUL'74 visits Angel Otero's studio". (bron video: YouTube)

> Angel Otero
> Angel Otero | Instagram

24 april 2024

Angel Otero #2

Angel Otero's studio in Brooklyn, New york. ( bron: NeueHouse)

Inside Artist Angel Otero’s Brooklyn studio, 2022. (bron: WWD, foto's: Lexie Moreland)

Angel Otero outside his Brooklyn studio with his work The Marias.

Angel Otero inside his Brooklyn studio, 2022. (bron: Galerie, foto's: Kyle Dorosz)

Angel Otero at work in his Brooklyn studio, 2023.

(bron: Tatler, foto's: Winnie Au)

> Angel Otero
> Angel Otero | Instagram

22 april 2024

Angel Otero

Angel Otero in his studio, New York. (bron: Avant Arte)

> Angel Otero
> Angel Otero | Instagram

Yue Minjun #3

Yue Minjun in his studio, Beijing. (bron: Avant Arte)

> Yue Minjun | Instagram

José Parlá #3

José Parlá in his studio, Brooklyn, New York. (bron: Avant Arte)

> José Parlá

12 april 2024

Friedensreich Hundertwasser #7

Friedensreich Hundertwasser in his studio, Graben, Vienna. 1974. (bron: MutualArt, foto: Barbara Pflaum)

Meer foto's uit deze fotosessie bij TopFoto, TopFoto, TopFoto en TopFoto (hk).

> Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser #6

(bron: facebook)

Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the apartment at Obere Donaustrasse, Vienna, 1953. (bron: Hundertwasser, foto's: Edith Kallir)

> Friedensreich Hundertwasser