30 oktober 2020

Corneille #8

Corneilles' studio, ca. 1965. (bron: Moderna Museet, foto: Christer Strömholm)

Alberto Giacometti #19

Alberto Giacometti: Nature morte dans l'atelier, 1953. (collectie: Moderna Museet)

Georges Braque #14

In Braque's studio, Paris, 1947. (bron: Kulturelles Erbe Köln, foto: Fritz Henle)

29 oktober 2020

Jan Dibbets #5

Jan Dibbets: Perspective Correction - My Studio II: Sqaure on Floor, 1969.

Details of Jan Dibbets: The Shadows in my Studio as They Were at 27.07.1969 from 8.40-14.10, Photographed Every Ten Minutes, 1969. (bron: Herbert Foundation)

Rita Ackermann #7

Rita Ackermann in her studio, upstate New York, 2020. Stills from the video "Rita Ackermann: In the Studio". (bron video: Hauser & Wirth)

Ai Weiwei #5

Ai Weiwei's Zuo You Studio, Beijing, China, 2007. (bron: Museum of Contemporary Photography, foto: Ai Weiwei)

28 oktober 2020

Roger Hiorns

In the studio with Roger Hiorns, 2015. Stills from the video "From Art School to Artist: Roger Hiorns".

"The space we’re standing in is the old mini market on a housing estate in central London in a very famous piece of Brutalist architecture. I’d lived here for a number of years when it became apparent that the old shop, which had been empty for a long time, was somewhere I could work."
(bron en video: Christie's)


Roger Hiorns in his studio, North London, 2016. Stills from the video "Roger Hiorns interview". (bron video: vimeo)

21 oktober 2020

Mandy El-Sayegh

Chisenhale Gallery patrons visiting Mandy El-Sayegh's studio in Walthamstow, 2018. (bron: Twitter)

Mandy El Sayegh at work in her studio, 2019. (bron: Photograph: The Guardian, foto: David Levene)

Robert Motherwell #17

Robert Motherwell: Seaside Studio, 1990. (bron: MutualArt)

> Robert Motherwell | Dedalus Foundation

20 oktober 2020

Man Ray #8

Man Ray's Studio, 1958. (bron: MutualArt, foto: Man Ray)

> Man Ray Trust

Frank Auerbach #16

Frank Auerbach: Jym in the Studio, 1963. (bron: ART UK)

Frank Auerbach: J.Y.M. IN THE STUDIO II, 1963-1964. (bron: Sotheby's)

Frank Auerbach: J.Y.M. IN THE STUDIO III, 1964. (bron: Christie's)

Frank Auerbach: J.Y.M. IN THE STUDIO V, 1964. (bron: MutualArt)

Frank Auerbach: JYM in the Studio VII. (bron: Art Fund)

Frank Auerbach: J.Y.M. seated in the studio V. (bron: MutualArt)

Frank Auerbach: J.Y.M. Seated in the Studio, 1987-1988. (bron: affidavit)

Leo Gestel #2

Leo Gestel: Shared studio. (bron: MutualArt)

Leon Kossoff #5

Leon Kossoff in his studio, 1972. (bron: The Telegraph, foto: Mark Gerson)

Leon Kossoff in his studio. (bron: Hot world news from USA)

19 oktober 2020

Leon Kossoff #4

Leon Kossoff: In the studio I. (bron: MutualArt)

Giacomo Manzu

Giacomo Manzù: Studio model. (bron: MutualArt)

> Fondazione Giacomo Manzù

Wolfgang Tillmans #3

Wolfgang Tillmans: Studio Light, 2006. (bron: MutualArt)

> Wolfgang Tillmans

Peter Fischli & David Weiss #5

Peter Fischli & David Weiss: In the Studio, 2004. (bron: MutualArt)

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Alan Davie #8

Alan Davie: The Studio No 37. (bron: MutualArt)

Walter Richard Sickert #3

Walter Richard Sickert: The Studio, circa 1906. (bron: MutualArt)

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