29 augustus 2014

Howard Hodgkin #4

Howard Hodgkin sits in his favourite chair in his north London studio.

The studio is in an old diary building and has the original ironwork around the ceiling area. (bron: The Guardian)

Howard Hodgkin in his studio, London, 2008. (bron: Deutsche Bank, foto: Ossian Ward)

Howard Hodgkin in his London studio. (bron: Dana McClure)

Howard Hodgkin in his studio by the British Museum in London. (bron: The Times Magazine)

(bron: The Guardian)

(bron: Dana McClure)

(bron: The Guardian)

"My studio is of necessity a very isolated building. Formally a workshop, and before that, a dairy. The room has a dirty glass roof, with dirty white walls, and dirty white floor. All four walls are covered with screens of different sizes, mostly even dirtier depending on their age. Each one conceals a painting, often a very small one, or at least small compared to the size of the screen, which enables me to look at one picture at a time and also to show them to visitors to the studio one at a time.

The brushes so neatly arranged on the floor (in a completely untypical-of-me fashion) are washed once a week by my assistant Neil. I have a "palette", not visible in the picture, which is a small table.

As well as the metal folding chair which you can see, there are two old, comfortable armchairs. The floor used to be washed from time to time, but this has not happened recently. It is too large an area to keep clean.

As my studio is surrounded by other buildings, it surprises visitors by its quietness and space somewhere near the middle of central London. As well as these two things, the most important thing for me is the glass roof, as I can only really work by daylight." (bron: The Guardian)

David Hockney #10

David Hockney: Paint Trolley, L.A. 1985. (bron: L'Express)

> David Hockney

28 augustus 2014

Richard Hamilton #3

Richard Hamilton his studio in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, 2007. (bron: Wallpaper*)

Richard Hamilton poses with works in progress in his studio in Highgate, London, in 1970. (bron: Bloomberg, foto: Chris Morphet)

Sam Francis #2

Paintings in Sam Francis' Paris studio, 1955.

Sam Francis in his Paris studio, working on his painting titled Painting, 1956.

Sam Francis in his Paris studio, 1958.

Sam Francis, 1959.

Sam Francis in his Paris studio, 1960. (bron: Archives of American Art)

Sam Francis

Sam Francis in his Venice, California, studio, November 1989. (bron: The Daily Gazette)

Jim Dine #10

Jim Dine's Inland Northwest Studio. (bron: facebook/Jim Dine Studio Visit)

27 augustus 2014

Jan Dibbets #2

Jan Dibbets: Shadows taped in my studio, 1969. (bron: Hoolawhoop)

Patrick Caulfied #2

Patrick Caulfield in his studio. (bron en foto's: Henry Bourne)

Peter Blake #6

Peter Blake in his West London studio. (bron: our time)

Silvia Bächli

Silvia Bächli's studio, 2008. (bron: Silvia Bächli / studio)

> Silvia Bächli

24 augustus 2014

Bernard Frize #2

Studio Bernard Frize, Berlin. (bron: Geist und Form)

Bernard Frize in his studio, Paris.

"Bernard Frize has a studio in the top of a building near the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Formerly a printing factory, the large light space has coved arches and copious storage space on archival system. Upstairs, there is mezzanine living area and kitchen with an uninterrupted view of the sky."(bron: The Independent)

> Bernard Frize

Bernard Frize

Bernard Frize's studio, 2013-2014. (bron: tumblr, Bernard Frize)

> Bernard Frize

22 augustus 2014

Chris Ofili #3

Steve Dowson: Studio, 1989-90.

"Painted in a second floor studio at Chelsea College of Art & Design (back when it was called Chelsea School of Art and was in Chelsea - Manresa Rd off Kings Rd). In the background is future Turner Prize winner and Venice Biennale representative Chris Ofili, through the window can be seen the spires of the Natural History Museum and the V & A Tower." (bron: Steve Dowson)

20 augustus 2014

Artist's Studios by Gautier Deblonde #7

Annette Messager, Paris, 2007.

Franz West, Vienna, 2008.

François Morellet, Cholet, 2011.

Glenn Brown, London, 2013.

Michael Borremans, Ghent, 2006.

Raymond Pettibon, Los Angeles, 2009.

Thomas Schütte, Düsseldorf, 2013. (bron en foto's: Gautier Deblonde)

> Raymond Pettibon
> Thomas Schütte