26 april 2023

Alberto Giacometti #27

Alberto Giacometti at Work in his Studio in Paris, 1958. (bron: Vintage Everyday, foto's: Paul Almasy)

Een andere foto uit deze serie is te zien bij de post van 18 november 2021.

> Fondation Giacometti

25 april 2023

Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson in his studio, Malmø, Sweden, 2013. (bron: Arrested Motion, foto's: Henrik Haven)

> Michael Johansson

Diedrick Brackens #3

Diedrick Brackens in his studio, Los Angeles, 2020. (bron: art21)

> Diedrick Brackens

21 april 2023

Derek Fordjour #4

Derek Fordjour in his studio, 2020(?). (bron: Jason Scmidt)

Derek Fordjour in his studio.

"You can see the telephone number plastered across the side of the handsome old brick building at 728 East 136th Street as you walk from the Cypress Avenue 6-train stop. It might as well be a blinking neon sign heralding the changes taking place in Port Morris, the Bronx, which is becoming the latest postindustrial refuge for people who need studio space. When the Altmark Group purchased the building in 1994, it housed light manufacturing, and in part, it still does. (Its M1-2 zoning doesn’t permit residential use.) But two decades later, more and more artists began looking to the neighborhood.

When a moving-and-storage company occupying the entire fifth floor left for New Jersey, “we had this big block of space available. It was like 15,000 square feet,” says Barry Altmark, who handles leasing for his family concern. “And we weren’t really sure what to do with it.” That was three years ago, when artist and School of Visual Arts faculty member Judy Mannarino was looking for new studio space. She found the building while walking through the neighborhood and rented 4,000 square feet, which turned out to be more than she needed, so she brought in fellow artist and SVA colleague Steve DeFrank. Together, they broke it up into four separate studios, sharing one and subletting the other three. Gradually, word spread about the building.

Today, there are about 50 artists, furniture-makers, ceramicists, and architects — along with NY Sluggers Baseball Academy — in the building.
“I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Bronx was an X factor in my mind,” says artist Derek Fordjour. “When I arrived, I quickly understood why so many artists had moved before me. It feels like Bushwick or Williamsburg in the ’90s.”"

Derek Fordjour rents 2,000 sq. ft. Moved in in february 2019. (bron: Curbed, tekst: Wendy Goodman, foto's: Jason Schmidt)

> Derek Fordjour | Instagram

20 april 2023

Eva Spierenburg #2

Atelier van Eva Spierenburg, 2e Daalsedijk, Utrecht, 2012

Atelier van Eva Spierenburg, Sint Anthoniedijk, Utrecht, 2018.

Atelier, Sint Anthoniedijk, Utrecht, 2019. (foto: Arthur Martin)

Atelier, Sint Anthoniedijk, Utrecht, 2021. (bron: Galleryviewer)

> Eva Spierenburg
> Eva Spierenburg | Instagram

Derek Boshier #4

Derek Boshier in his studio, 2013. Stills from the video "Derek Boshier: An artist at his studio". (bron video: vimeo)

> Derek Boshier
> Derek Boshier | Instagram

Derek Boshier #3

Derek Boshier in his studio, California, 2020(?). Stills from James Scott's documentary "Fragments". (bron: IFFR)

> Derek Boshier
> Derek Boshier | Instagram

Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips in his London studio on Holland Road.

Peter Phillips in his studio, Australia, 2018(?). (bron: artnet)

> Peter Phillips

19 april 2023

Peter Angermann #2

Peter Angermann in seinem Atelier in Thurndorf in der Oberpfalz. (bron: Nordbayern, foto: Christian Mückl)

> Peter Angermann

David Smith #5

David Smith in his studio, Voltri, Italy, 1962. (bron: MutualArt, foto: Ugo Mulas)

> David Smith Estate

David Shrigley #5

David Shrigley: Untitled, 2021. (bron: Stephen Friedman Gallery)

David Shrigley in his Brighton studio, 2020. (bron: Wallpaper*, foto's: Daniel Stier)

> David Shrigley

14 april 2023

Ellen Berkenblit #3

Ellen Berkenblit Studio, 2021. (bron: Sarasota Art Museum, foto: Steven P. Harris)

Judith Linhares

Judith Linhares in her studio, 2015. (bron: Just Paint, foto: Amanda Marie Mason)

Judith Linhares in her studio, 2021. (bron: Sarasota Art Museum, foto: Amanda Marie Mason)

>Judith Linares | Instagram