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Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly. (bron: Wikipedia, foto: Ryan Oakes)

Deze foto is eerder geplaatst in z/w bij de post van 4 februari 2016 (hk).

Robert Kelly's Bowery Studio, 2014.

"The timeworn but still elegant façade of Beethoven Hall, a circa-1860 meeting hall and community center just off the Bowery, hardly evokes the archetype of the quintessential New York artist’s loft. But once inside the live-work space of abstract painter Robert Kelly, you are suddenly immersed in the now. Or at least that’s how it looks on first glance.

The main studio space is not only appealing in its proportions and meticulous in its minimalist detailing, but also surprisingly neat for a studio where so much work is produced. “I have another studio space in Long Island City where I keep the mess,” confesses Kelly.
“But I tend to keep things neat in the probably mistaken idea that an orderly environment reflects an orderly mind.”
(bron: Cottages & Gardens, foto's: Costas Picadas)

Robert Kelly's Studio, 2019 (?). (bron: Frameless Gallery | Deskgram)

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