woensdag, april 03, 2019

Christopher Wool #8

Christopher Wool's studio, East Village, New York, 2018.

The East Village studio has been his for a while. He bought the sixth (and top) floor in 1991, just weeks before Mayor David Dinkins closed nearby Tompkins Square Park. Wool recalls many of the ejected homeless people setting up camp in a vacant lot right across the street. “That was the tail end of the East Village being a really tough neighborhood,” he notes.

He acquired the fifth floor around 2005, after it was partially destroyed in a fire, and here, spread out in this two-floor aerie, Wool has been working on a rash of different projects. These include large-scale Rorschach-like ­silk-screen paintings leaning against one wall, for a show at the Chicago gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey next spring, and a new series of tube-and-brush-applied paint drawings rendered on older, discarded prints that were lying around the studio. Recycling, reappropriating, and cannibalizing previous images and works has become a signature practice of Wool’s
(bron: W Magazine, foto's: Stephen Shore)

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