donderdag, augustus 27, 2020

Enrique Martinez Celaya

The studio complex is entered, through a library. White, pristine and lined with books (poetry, literature and philosophy), photographs and mementos.

Enrique Martinez Celaya's new, 15,000 square foot studio in a re-purposed Culver City warehouse, Los Angeles, California. (bron: Architects+Artisans)

Enrique Martinez Celaya working on The Sigh.

"Nestled inside an industrial complex off a beaten path in Culver City, adjacent to lush sprawling grills hills of a cemetery lined with flowers from visiting loved ones, lies a sanctuary of artistic solace. A modest black plaque rests on the exterior brick wall with a crest bearing the profile of a whale rising above the surface of the ocean, while stars shine in the sky above. A single line beneath the signage reads “Studio Martinez Celaya.” Once inside the space the cacophony of traffic, rush hour, and time is suspended and immediately forgotten. Books with faded dust jackets spanning decades and subject matter are catalogued and displayed behind glass and kept under lock and key. Often droning electronic music echoes off the cement floors and reverberates through the intricate space, making the studio feel like a living, breathing organism. After ten years in Miami, Enrique Martínez Celaya has returned to Los Angeles and has designed a studio space that rivals many galleries and houses work that spans his entire career to date. Systematically catalogued artworks documented with lined index cards demonstrate the breadth and depth of Celaya’s practice. A pastel dated from 1977, when the artist was only thirteen years old is positioned next to another landscape created in 2009. Growing up as an apprentice to a painter, Celaya was advised to keep at least one piece of work for every series he created. Standing in the first viewing space, there is a palpable energy, whispers of an ongoing conversation between the works of the past and the present.
(bron: installation, installation en installation, foto's: Rainer Hosch)

Enrique Martinez Celaya in his studio. (bron: Kohn Gallery, foto: Ala Cho)

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