dinsdag, mei 28, 2019

Urs Fischer #5

The mezzanine above Fischer's archive.

The library.

One of many workstations in the main studio.

A view of the courtyard.

Urs Fischer's studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2018.

Since moving his operation a decade ago to this nondescript building steps from the waterfront in Red Hook, Fischer has directed a complete overhaul. Ten skylights now help brighten the 20-foot-tall main room. From the elevated kitchen and dining area, reached by an elegantly minimal wooden staircase, Fischer has a master-of-the-universe view of works in progress: models of abstract, hand-squeezed clay sculptures that will scale up to 45 feet; tables covered with snail shells that he’ll program to crawl on the floor, leaving snail-trail drawings of faux mucus. Houseplants abound, and a glass wall opens onto a garden, formerly a truck lot.
(bron: Architectural Digest, foto's: Yoshihiro Makino)

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