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Louise Bourgeois #4

Louise Bourgeois, Brooklyn, avril 1995.

Atelier, Brooklyn, avec "Maman", 1995.

"Maman", 1995.

Zie ook de foto van Peter Bellamy bij de post van 30 oktober 2014 (hk).

"We love you", 1996.

"CALM", 1996.


Bibliothèque, 1996.

Chambre, 1998.

Louise à sa table de travail, 2000.

"When French photographer Jean-François Jaussaud asked an 84-year-old Louise Bourgeois for permission to photograph her at her New York home and studio, she gave him an intimidating stipulation: He would have to show her every single image he took, and if she didn’t like them, he would have to destroy them. The fierce French-American sculptor, painter, and printmaker wouldn’t have it any other way.

Luckily, Jaussaud’s prints met the approval of Bourgeois’ critical eye. Jaussaud, an engineering school dropout who first met Bourgeois in 1994 in her Brooklyn studio, was invited to come back whenever he liked. He spent the next 11 years photographing the artist at work and at home, creating the most intimate visual record we have of Bourgeois in the twilight of her life.
(bron: hyperallergic, foto's: Jean-François Jaussaud)

Louise Bourgeois in her Studio in New York City, 1955. (bron: artsy, foto: Porter Gifford)

> The Easton Foundation

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