zaterdag, september 08, 2018

Lawrence Weiner #5

Weiner's studio at the basement level.

A view from the first floor.

A map in Weiner’s studio. He uses it to mark where he has to travel in the coming months.

Lawrence Weiner's studio, New York, 2011(?).

"The artist Lawrence Weiner lives on a quiet street in the West Village, in what was once an old laundromat built in 1910 and is now an unobtrusive five-level town house designed by the firm Lot-Ek. You may recognize some of the architecture: Lot-Ek is often cited for it inventive reuse of prefabricated objects (like shipping containers) and other industrial materials. In fact, the penthouse floor of Weiner’s home is built from discarded truck bodies. The floor below is the bedroom, the floor below that houses Weiner’s archives, and the first floor is the kitchen and dining room. At the basement level, Weiner keeps his studio, where he works.
...." (bron: The Paris Review)

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