woensdag, oktober 28, 2015

Cecily Brown #6

Cecily Brown's studio near Union Square.

Space is always a luxury, so the minute you have more, you get a bigger canvas. With each studio I got, I think by then I was on my third New York studio, and each had been a bit bigger than the last; I just naturally went bigger because I could. And also, because the galleries are big. I’d always tried, as a way of keeping myself on my toes, to change the proportions. I never just did 48 by 60 [inches]. I decided I should try to do something much smaller. There’s the old truism: It’s harder to make a small painting than a large one. Obviously, the large ones have a certain impact just because they’re big. It’s very challenging to make something small.
...." (bron: Vulture)

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