dinsdag, oktober 13, 2015

Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter in her SoHo studio. (bron: Issue Magazine, foto's: Michael Mundy)

"It was quite an experience! The minute you walk into the studio, you feel you’ve gone through the looking glass and entered an artsy version of Santa’s workshop. There’s a merry bustle of activity as young assistants and painters go about their work.

It wouldn’t be giving anything away to say that much of the painting is done by assistants (mostly her former students) who Minter has trained in her specific painting technique which consists of layering enamel paint on aluminum and then finishing it off with fingertips to soften the paintbrush lines. But the basis of all of Minter’s recent work is all photography and her trademark pop color images of mud splashed stilettos, glittery facial features and body parts are pinned up all around the large studio." (bron: The Year In Pictures)

Marilyn Minter's studio. (bron: multimedialab)

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