24 februari 2024

Franz Kline #8

Outside view of Franz Kline’s 242 West 14th Street studio, 1961. (foto: Virginia Dortch)

Franz Kline in his studio at 242 West 14th Street, 1961. (foto: Fred W. McDarrah)

Interior view of Kline’s 242 West 14th Street studio, 1961. Kline with Piero-Dorazio. (foto: Virginia Dortch)

Franz Kline rented the main floor at 242 West 14th Street as his studio space from 1957 until his death in 1962. 242 West 14th Street is a brick Italianate rowhouse between 7th and 8th Avenues built in 1853, and altered in 1897 to accommodate its new commercial usage with a store on the ground and main floor, with offices above. For the alteration, architect Franklin Bayliss added the imposing cast-iron storefront to its basement, first and second floors, as well as new show windows and a stoop. This cast iron storefront exemplifies 14th Street’s character at the time — no longer a thoroughfare of grand single-family residences as it once was, but rather a bustling, commercial hub.
The large storefront windows provided the ample lighting that Franz Kline required for his creative process.
...." (bron: Village Preservation Blog)

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