14 september 2022

Hurvin Anderson #3

Hurvin Anderson in the outbuilding he has used as a studio since the beginning of lockdown, Cambridgeshire, 2022(?).

The building in the garden that Hurvin uses as a studio.

"Before 2020, Hurvin Anderson worked predominantly from a large, purpose-built studio in south London. When lockdown struck, he ‘hired a van, grabbed some paintings’ and committed to working full time from his home in Cambridgeshire.

An outbuilding, which he had used previously solely for drawing, became, by necessity, a space for everything. ‘Having somewhere separate to paint had become an obsessive habit,’ says Hurvin. ‘In the Tulse Hill studio, I would work on three or four paintings at once.’ By comparison, his studio at home is small and has brought with it a new level of intensity and ‘a different way of working’. Once a painting was on the wall, it had to stay put. ‘I didn’t have a chance to get away from it, to hide it away or leave it alone,’ he explains. ‘Having to look all of the time takes a lot out of you – things need to be seen afresh.’
(bron: House & Garden)

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