woensdag, oktober 12, 2016

Wendy White #3

Wendy White in her studio, New York, 2012.

What’s your typical day like in your studio?

I get up, have a couple cups of coffee, do some internet and email correspondence, and eventually go to my studio around 11 a.m. I’ve never been a night studio person, so, everyone has asked me how I have managed having a kid and being an artist. First of all, my husband does everything (laughing), and second of all, I have never been a night worker. I have always liked the daylight, the natural light. So I show up at 11, and stay until 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon. I’m not really the marathon studio worker, I really like fresh 4 or 5 hour sessions. I am really big on not over working the paintings, I’m seeking that lighter touch. I never want to do those few extra things just because I have some extra time on my hands, so I purposely restrain my time a little bit, so I can back off things, and move onto the next painting.

Wendy White in her studio, New York, 2012. Stills from the video. (bron: Freunde von Freunden, foto's: Fette Sans, video: Andrew McMullen & Hendrik Thul)

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