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Cy Twombly #8

Untitled (Drips and Newspaper), 1999. (bron: Paris Photo)

Untitled (Wall Drip with Blue Tape), 2012.

"This was taken in Cy Twombly’s studio in the dead of winter, after Cy had been gone at least six months. It was summer when he died, not in our home state of Virginia, but in Italy where he spent his summers and winters. In the spring and fall, he would alight in Lexington, the town in Virginia where we both grew up, and almost as soon as his bags were unpacked he would begin painting.

He had been a friend of my parents, to whom he gave his first sculpture. They supported him by buying, out of his arms, a painting he was carrying down the street one day in 1952. Cy had made it with pencil and house paint.

He loved our part of the south and his work reflected southerners’ innately contradictory qualities of ambiguity and plain-spokenness, cruelty and kindness, illumination and obscurity. Like all southerners, he was keenly aware of death, but the shadow of mortality failed to darken his brilliance, and the famous slow pace of southern life only reminded Cy how much harder he had to work.

And work he did. Considering he was in the fall of his life, his later paintings were extravagant with colour and gesture, import and whimsy. It was the poetic force of his personality that compelled me to take pictures in his studio. These bright colours, these brilliant vestiges, suggest both an absence and a great presence." (bron: The Guardian)

Untitled (Glow from Window), 2012. (bron: Gagosian)

Untitled (Pencil Painting), 1999-2000.

Untitled (Angled Light), 1999-2000.

Untitled (Dancing Cherubs), 2011/2012.

Untitled (Window with Helmets), 2012. (bron: KINFOLK)

Untitled (Angled Light), 1999-2000.

Untitled (Slippers and Flare), 2005. (bron: Paris Photo)

Cy Twombly's studio, Lexington. (photo's: Sally Mann)

"Mann is known and regarded for her images of intimate and familiar subjects rendered sublime and disquieting: children, landscape, family, and the nature of mortality. In previous projects, she explored relationships between parent and child, husband and wife, brother and sister, nature and history. In her latest exhibition of photographs spanning more than a decade, she records in fleeting impressions the working habitat of the late Cy Twombly, her close friend and mentor.

Mann’s poetic images of time recorded testify to the fragments and deposits of Twombly’s artistic life. As well, they speak to her deft, sharp ability to record interiority and her singular eye for the immediate, the intimate, and the present becoming memory." (bron: Paris Photo)

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