18 oktober 2013

Karin Arink #3

Left-overs of stretch lacquered textile, used for a.o. 'lulek(a)' and 'kooi', 1997.

Rest material of a gauze work from 2005 that I am thinking to alter...

Sewn strech lacquer textile, 1997.

Intended as buttons for 'languisante' 1991, but I decided on a row of more conventional ones instead...

Where my belly and yours touch the wall, made in 1991 i guess,never finished, never shown.

Left-over photo cut-outs from PuzzelVrouw I & II, the large scale versions made in 2010.

Vinyl left-overs (of e.g. EntwinedFamily 2006, PoortVrouw 2007, PuzzelVrouwen 2006-2010): material for a new fragmented vinyl floor piece...

Working on a new cut vinyl piece, this is the backside, one of the left-overs...

I've had this since 1989 I think, probably cannot throw it out, used it for 'Fornoone'.

A bit cut off of '8' 1997.

Left-over material of 'roseclotH' 2005.

Left-over material of 'wikkel' 1997.

Left-over finger for 'reikende' (reaching) 1991.

A test with moiré textile, sewn but never finished ± 1994.

Selfish-ing ?

Text impro on a left-over of MADRAS 2004.

Another test-page of my 1997 publication 'Inlet - such stuff as thoughts are made of', with copy of newspaper photo of a beautiful work by Wilhelm Lehmbruck.

Left-over of 2010 on my ironing board, with some other materials.

Even rubbish in the studio can look good.

I used to wear this jacket often when i was a student at the academy in Roterdam... drew the flowers on it myself: personalising avant-la-lettre. This one's out!

"A day at the studio: photos of things i find in my studio and may have to throw away in order to get some more free space to work again" (bron: Karin Arink: a day at the studio)

Selectie uit een grote serie (94) foto's. (hk)

> Karin Arink

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