13 september 2019

Zhang Dali #5

Zhang Dali, Beijing, ca. 1999(?). Still from the video "The Beijing Graffiti Artist Making a Statement". (bron video: YouTube)

Zhang Dali, Beijing, ca. 1999(?). Still from a video. (bron video: artlinkart)

Beijing-based artist Zhang Dali opened the city up to street art in 1995, after spending several years in self-exile in Italy, where he became familiar with the techniques of graffiti and its ability to arouse spontaneous communication. Upon returning to Beijing, he started by spraying in the hidden side streets and underpasses of a city that seemed more like a gigantic construction site. Later he left his mark on old, run-down buildings scheduled for demolition, claiming back the space that had once been important to people living there. His symbol was his spray-painted profile, appearing like a ghost in alleyways and creating a mysterious presence, as well as his tag “AK-47”. Several days after spraying for the first time on an overpass in Beijing, Zhang walked by and saw that someone had written underneath “What the hell are you doing? Who are you?” He took a picture of it and titled it “Dialogue”.
(bron: Global South Development Magazine)

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