vrijdag, februari 05, 2016

Albert Oehlen #5

Atelier van Albert Oehlen in Bülher, Switzerland. (bron: metacolus, foto's: José Hevia)

Meer foto's zijn te vinden bij metacolus (hk).

Albert Oehlen #4

Atelier van Albert Oehlen. (bron: galeries.nl)

donderdag, februari 04, 2016

In The Artists' Studios #2

Jean Arp. (foto: Inge Morath)

Joan Mitchell.

Robert Kelly. (foto: Ryan Oakes)

Robert Motherwell.

Ross Bleckner. (foto: Eric Cahan)

Zie ook de foto bij de post van 14 mei 2014 (hk).

Sam Francis. (bron: Travis Hansson Fine Art)

> Hans Arp Foundation
> Joan Mitchell Foundation
> Robert Kelly
> Ross Bleckner
> Sam Francis Foundation

In The Artists' Studios #1

Albert Oehlen. (foto: Dirk Reniartz)

Alexander Calder.

Auguste Rodin.

Fernand Leger.

Fernando Botero.

Henry Moore. (bron: Travis Hansson Fine Art)

> Alexander Calder Foundation
> Henry Moore Foundation

Will Cotton

(bron: Kid_in)

(bron: Huffingtonpost)

Will Cotton in his studio. (bron en 2 bovenstaande foto's: Vincent Dilio)

> Will Cotton

Ellen Altfest #2

Ellen Altfest in her studio. (bron: Project: Artist, foto's: Chris Sanders)

Pat Steir #3

"Assisting Pat Steir with Waterfall paintings.

Friday the 27th Pat Steir made these amazing Waterfall paintings outside Sue Scott Gallery. I was happy to assist her and her assistant Sean. Paint was flying everywhere and when I continued to Marie Walsh Sharpe, The Space Program : OPEN STUDIOS to see the great artist John O’Conner‘s work (also in Paper: Work show), my hair was blue, yellow and red! You can see the wall paintings on Rivington 1." (bron: Anna Sörenson, foto's: Stuart Stelzer)

Een stop motion filmpje van de actie is te zien op Vimeo (hk).

Pat Steir #2

Pat Steir in her studio. (bron en foto's: Vincent Dilio)

The Vogels with Pat Steir in her New York studio, 2008. (bron: University of Wyoming Art Museum, foto: Steve Konick)

mijn atelier #24


> Harke Kazemier

woensdag, februari 03, 2016

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov in their studio. (bron en foto's: Vincent Dilio)

> Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Alan Davie #6

(bron: The Royal Academy of Arts)

Alan Davie in his studio at his home near Hertford. (bron: The Telegraph, foto's: Eamonn McCabe)

Alan Davie #5

Alan Davie in zijn atelier. (bron: pinterest)

Zie ook de foto bij de post van 15 mei 2013 (hk).

Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers: My studio life

“I’ve been in this studio in Clapton for three years now. It’s a very eccentric building – it used to be a clothing sweat shop – but it has north-facing windows, which is always good for an artist. Before that, I worked next door for 19 years – it was a squalid health hazard but it was fantastically cheap.”

“One of the things I became aware of when I moved up here was colour – the subtleties of greys, for example, that I simply couldn’t see before.”

“It might look a mess, but each shelf is colour-coded!”

“And this is where the admin happens…”

“Normally I get here soon after eight in the morning. Originally, I used to try and get out the house before the children could ask me for a lift to school! Now, it’s ingrained and I’m here every day – I forget how to make work if I don’t do it. ” (bron: The Royal Academy of Arts, foto's: Eamonn McCabe(?))

> Stephen Chambers