vrijdag, november 15, 2019

Tsuguharu-Léonard Foujita #5

Léonard Foujita dans sa maison-atelier, Villiers-le-Bâcle, ap. 1961. (bron: RMN)

Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu travaillant dans son atelier, Paris, 1961. (bron: RMN, foto: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

James Rosenquist #9

James Rosenquist travaillant dans son atelier, New York. (bron: RMN, foto's: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

> James Rosenquist

Larry Rivers #10

Larry River dans son atelier, New York 1962. (bron RMN, foto: János Kender, Harry Shunk)

> Larry Rivers Foundation

Josh Smith #2

Josh Smith in his studio, Bushwick, New York, 2015. Stills from the video "Josh Smith: Sculpture". (bron video: vimeo)

donderdag, november 14, 2019

David Mach #2

David Mach's home and studio, Havelock Walk, London.

"For more than 15 years, a converted 19th century warehouse on a quiet cobbled mews in London's Forest Hill has been home to one of the UK's most successful and well-regarded artists, David Mach. Mach was first drawn to the two-storey property's peaceful location and internal proportions. And over the years, the high-ceiling open-plan interiors have been perfect for the creation and exhibiting of many sizeable artworks. The ground floor studio easily accommodates several Victorian printing presses as well as spacious work areas and also houses Mach's meticulously catalogued library of cuttings or 'hard copy'. Sizeable warehouse windows front and back flood the space with light. Mach's enormous sculptures and collages are regularly displayed in exhibitions around the world and warehouse doors enable his team to move the works in and out of the studio with relative ease.
Scotland now beckons for Fife-born Mach and so his converted warehouse is for sale.
(bron: Warehouse Home)

David Mach in his London studio. (bron: The Courier)

> David Mach

John Everett Millais #3

Vincent Brooks (after John Ballantyne): John Everett Millais, 1860s. (bron: National Portrait Gallery)

David Mach

David Mach, 2007. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto: Eamonn McCabe)

> David Mach

Frank Auerbach #14

Frank Auerbach, 1972. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto's: Bob Collins)

Enrico Baj #2

Enrico Baj, 1957. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto: Ida Kar)

Sandra Blow #4

Sandra Blow, 1955. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto: Ida Kar)

> Sandra Blow Estate

Anthony Caro #4

Anthony Caro, 1955-1956. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto: Nigel Graeme Henderson)

> Anthony Caro

Hans Hartung #7

Hans Hartung, 1954. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto's : Ida Kar)

> Fondation Hans Hartung et Anna-Eva Bergman
> Hans Hartung

Oskar Kokoschka #4

Oskar Kokoschka, 1950. (bron: National Portrait Gallery, foto: Lee Miller)

woensdag, november 13, 2019

Tanja Ritterbex

Tanja Ritterbex in haar atelier, Berlijn. (bron: MedVerf)

Jean-Charles Blais #8

Jean-Charles Blais in zijn atelier, 1986. Stills uit de video "Qu'est ce que tu fais là sur un tableau de Jean Charles Blais". (bron video: YouTube)

vrijdag, november 08, 2019

mijn atelier #41

> Harke Kazemier
> Harke Kazemier | facebook

(nieuw werk)

Harke Kazemier: Bloomfield Road, 2019.
olie en kleurpotlood op doek /oil and colored pencil on canvas
160 x 170 cm

> Harke Kazemier
> Harke Kazemier | facebook

donderdag, november 07, 2019

Pieter Engels #2

Pieter Engels in zijn atelier, Amsterdam(?). Stills uit de aflevering van Hollandse Meesters van David Kleijwegt. (bron video: Hollandse meesters)