maandag, september 09, 2019

Constantin Brancusi #10

"Artist Constantin Brâncuși once called this soaring Parisian complex home, crafting his bronze sculptures from the Montparnasse hub.

Impasse Ronsin alleyway was a hotbed of creativity in the 1920s when Brancusi and post-war artists including Yves Klein, Max Ernst and Jean Tinguely moved into its cavernous buildings.
Brâncuși tucked himself away in this hidden dwelling according to estate agent Proprietes Parisiennes, which is marketing the home for € 3.8m. It is set around a cobbled courtyard planted with trees.

Its towering windows and skylit roof flood the soaring living room and kitchen with light. Retaining its creative spirit are two workshops, which have independent access from the property, as well as 4-metre-high ceilings and views of the courtyard garden.

The three-bedroom Paris property recently underwent a renovation and has pared back interiors with white walls and wooden floors throughout."
(bron: The Spaces)

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