vrijdag, november 16, 2018

Max Liebermann #7

Conrad Felixmüller: Bildnis Max Liebermann, 1926.

Felixmüller shows Liebermann in his studio. In his hands are a pencil and a sketchbook – perhaps the tools of the artist most likely to capture immediate inspiration. The studio should be a setting at which and artist is most at home, and most comfortable, yet the animated lines of Lieberman’s furrowed brow and drawn flesh of his eye sockets and cheeks create a tense and anxiety-ridden emotive quality typical of the German Expressionists.
(bron: skinner)

Max Liebermann #6

Max Liebermann in his studio 1903. On an easel the unfinished picture 'Der Hamburgische Professorenkonvent'. (bron: wikimedia, foto: Nicola Perscheid)

Max Liebermann in his atelier in Berlin, in front of the portrait of Prince Lichnowsky (right) and a sketch of his painting "The Hamburg Professors’ Meeting", 1905.

Max Liebermann, The Hamburg Professors’ Meeting, 1906. (bron: Letteratura artistica)

Max Liebermann in seinem Atelier, 1930. (bron: Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, foto: Fritz Eschen)

(bron: bidspirit)

donderdag, november 15, 2018

James Tissot #3

Studio for James Tissot Esq., Grove End Road.

In Paris, Tissot had a small English-style villa, located off the Avenue de l’Impératrice (now Avenue Foch), with a comparatively modest conservatory and garden. The house no longer exists but parts of it were used by Tissot as settings for his pictures. In them, we are able to see room interiors, furniture, and fittings, including newly imported items from Japan and China, as well as eighteenth-century European pieces.

When Tissot settled in London after the Franco-Prussian War, his house and garden at 17 Grove End Road, St John’s Wood, were equally conducive to work. The paintings created there provide so much detail that the art historian Mireille Galinou and the illustrator Stephen Conlin have reconstructed how the house and gardens looked before and after the artist’s additions. The latter included a large studio and conservatory extension, designed by the Scottish architect John McKean Brydon, and various plantings, trellises, and colonnades outdoors.
(bron: British Art Studies)

Lawrence Alma-Tadema #7

Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s Studio. Illustration in “Some English Artists and Their Studios” by Cosmo Monkhouse, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine 24 (1882). (bron: British Art Studies)

Max Liebermann #5

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Max Liebermann in Seinem Atelier, 1926.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner #12

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Der Maler. (collectie: Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett)

Zie ook het schilderij bij de post van 12 september 2018 (hk).

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner #11

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Atelierszene, 1910/11.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Vier Akte im Atelier. (collectie: Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett en Kupferstichkabinett)

woensdag, november 14, 2018

Max Beckmann #5

Max Beckmann: Three Women in the Studio, 1908. (collectie: Saint Louis Art Museum)

Max Beckmann #4

Max Beckmann in his studio at 234 East 19th Street with his painting, Falling Man. (bron: YaleBooks)

Zie ook de foto bij de post van 5 juni 2011 (hk).

Max Beckmann: Falling Man, 1950. (collectie: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC)

Dan Colen #4

Dan Colen in his studio, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 2018. (bron: Cultured Magazine, foto: Eric Piasecki)

Alicja Kwade #5

Alicja Kwade in her studio, Berlin, 2018. (bron: Cultured Magazine, foto's: Aubrey Mayer)

> Alicja Kwade

Eddie Martinez #5

Eddie Martinez in his studio, Brooklyn, 2018. (bron: Cultured Magazine, foto's: Charlie Rubin)

> Eddie Martinez

dinsdag, november 13, 2018

Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon #3

Atelier de Suzanne Valadon et de Maurice Utrillo, Musée de Montmartre, Paris.

Chambre dans l'atelier de Suzanne Valadon et de Maurice Utrillo, Musée de Montmartre, Paris. (bron: flickr, foto's: Yann Caradec)

maandag, november 12, 2018

zondag, november 11, 2018

Rob Visje #3

Atelier van Rob Visje bij de Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt, Ververstraat, Amsterdam, 2018. (eigen foto's, hk)

> Rob Visje

Ada van Wonderen

Atelier van Ada van Wonderen bij de Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt, Geldersekade, Amsterdam, 2018. (eigen foto's, hk)

> Ada van Wonderen

Matthias Weischer #5

Matthias Weischer in zijn atelier, Leipzig, 2014(?). Stills uit de video "The Vincent Award Room: Matthias Weischer". (bron video: vimeo)

> Matthias Weischer