zondag, juli 12, 2020

(nieuw werk)

Harke Kazemier: Perry Island Reinvented, 2020.
olie op doek /oil on canvas
20 x 30 cm

> Harke Kazemier
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vrijdag, juli 10, 2020

Jack Whitten #3

Jack Whitten in his studio, 1989. (bron: The Nation)

Jack Whitten #2

Jack Whitten in his studio, Queens. Jack Whitten converted an old firehouse on a quiet street in Woodside, Queens into his studio. (bron: Studio Museum Harlem)

Jack Whitten

Jack Whitten in his studio, 2016. (bron: artnet, foto: Taylor Dafoe)

Jack Whitten in his Queens studio, 2015. (bron: ARTnews, foto's: Katherine McMahon)

Jack Whitten in his studio, working on "Quantum Wall, VIII (For Arshile Gorky, My First Love In Painting)", 2017. Stills from the video "Jack Whitten: An Artist's Life". (bron video: Youtube | art21)

Jack Whitten: Quantum Wall, VIII (For Arshile Gorky, My First Love In Painting), 2017. (bron: Hauser & Wirth)

Ellen Altfest #6

Ellen Altfest working in her studio, 2015. Stills from the video "Ellen Altfest in the studio". (bron video: White Cube)

Zie ook de post van 3 februari 2016 (hk).

donderdag, juli 09, 2020

Mickalene Thomas #5

Mickalene Thomas in her studio, Brooklyn, 2019(?). Stills from the video "My gaze is the gaze of a black woman unapologetically loving other black women". (bron video: Art Basel)

> Mickalene Thomas

Annie Morris, Idris Khan

Annie Morris (and Idris Khan) studio visit, London, 2016. (bron: Instagram | rachgertrude)

Annie Morris studio, London, 2017. (bron: WikipediA)

Annie Morris’s studio, London, 2019.

The couple share side by side studios and are married, but as artists, they have developed their own styles and practices. This comes out in the works on display. While Khan’s layering process is focused on the intensity of the colour across various media, Morris’s sculptures are an interplay of colours, in which blue features sometimes as the star and at times as a complement to the installation.

The artists don’t usually collaborate on work, but they admit that they can’t help but influence each other. They’ve only collaborated on one show in the past, in Mumbai last year.

Idris Khan's studio, London, 2019. (bron: Hindustan Times)

Idris Khan in his north London studio, 2013.

"When I arrive at Idris Khan's studio in a small mews in Stoke Newington, he is standing on the street with his wife, fellow artist Annie Morris, who is pregnant with their second child (he has since had a son).

They brought this space, a former humus factory, two years ago, before buying the one next door for his wife, he tells me as he shows me around the light rectilinear space. "It was freezing when we moved in – it had to be kept cold for the storage of the product.
(bron: Independent, foto: David Sandison)

Idris Khan at work in his studio, 2019. (bron: Observer)

> Annie Morris

Idris Khan

Idris Khan in his London studio, 2019. Stills from the video "Idris Khan Blue Rhythms". (bron video: YouTube)

Idris Khan in his London studio, 2015. Stills from the video "Idris Kahn Conflicting Lines" (bron video: Victoria Miro)

A studio visit interview with Idris Khan, 2013. Stills from the video "Idris Khan Studio Visit". (bron video: vimeo)