09 september 2019

Jean Dubuffet #5

Jean Dubuffet's homa and studio, Rue de Vaugirard, Paris, France.

"French painter Jean Dubuffet called this three-bedroom space his home for 40 years. Though it was originally built in 1928 for fellow artist, Mela Muter, the building was made famous by Debuffet, who produced his most notable works from its first-floor studio workshop, pioneering the art brut form.

Writing to its architect Auguste Perret in August 1946 – a year after he moved in – Dubuffet expressed his pleasure in the details of the house, particularly its staircase: ‘I assure you that I go up and down every day at least 20 times more than necessary’, he enthused. A ringing endorsement, given the 300 sq m property is spread across three floors."
(bron: The Spaces)

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