zondag, april 23, 2017

Gijs Frieling

Gijs Frieling in zijn atelier. Stills uit de film "Tast-Zin, Kunstenaars en hun materiaalgebruik" van Laura Hermanides. (bron video: YouTube)

Gijs Frieling: Bischofberger, 2011.

> Gijs Frieling

zaterdag, april 22, 2017

Jorinde Voigt #3

The making of "Beobachtungen im Jetzt (Series)", Berlin 2014/2015.

The making of "Ja oder Nein", Berlin 2014/2015.

The making of 4 "Anker (Beobachtungen im Jetzt III)", Berlin 2014/2015.

The making of "Salt, Sugar, Sex (Beobachtungen im Jetzt I)", Berlin 2014/2015.

Studio view, 2015, Triptych 5 Cavallini-Sequences.

Making of "The Shift" (Song of the Earth: Chapter II), 2016. (bron: Jorinde Voigt | Studio View)

> Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt #2

Jorinde Voigt in her studio.

This is the most homely studio we have been to. No, not cosy, in fact it is a large studio with lofty ceilings, consisting of several spacious rooms. It is refined with full height white cotton hangings, walls of natural stone mixed with plaster, equipped with a huge bar adorned with a vases of lilies, well dosed light and a little garden with lavender in front of the entrance. „I spend all my life in my studio, so I want it to be as pleasant as possible,“ Jorinde explains. „The conversion took two years! And now, that I have been in this place for two and a half years, I am looking for something new, because I need more space. I also want to be closer to the airport, because I am travelling a lot.“
(bron: artitious, foto's: Joerg Reichhardt)

> Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt in haar atelier, Berlijn. (bron en foto's: Dawin Meckel)

> Jorinde Voigt

Thomas Scheibitz #3

Thomas Scheibitz in zijn atelier, Berlijn. (bron en foto: Dawin Meckel)

> Thomas Scheibitz

Thomas Demand #7

Thomas Demand in zijn atelier, Berlijn. (bron en foto: Dawin Meckel)

> Thomas Demand

Anton Henning #5

Anton Henning: (?)

Anton Henning: Maler(?)
(bron: Anton Henning | Fotografie)

> Anton Henning

Anton Henning #4

Atelier Anton Henning, 1988. (bron en foto: Manfred Hamm)

Bij Manfred Hamm meer atelierfoto's, ook onder de kop "Portraits". Helaas allemaal met dat begrijpelijke, maar lelijke watermerk. (hk)

Anton Henning, studio view. (bron: artmap)

Anton Henning in zijn atelier. (bron en foto: Dawin Meckel)

> Anton Henning

vrijdag, april 21, 2017

Florian Slotawa #2

Florian Slotawa: Ceiling, 2007. (bron: artnet)

Florian Slotawa: Ceiling, 2007. (bron: Galleria Suzy Shammah)

Whoever visited his solo show at Suzy Shammah gallery in Milan does certainly remember the first, disconcerting impact. Nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor. The gallery was empty enough to instill the doubt that the pile of press releases laid in a corner was in fact the work, or that it was a remake of Klein’s Le Vide. Reading the exhibition information was of great help in solving the mystery. The spectators had to look up at the ceiling which the artist had covered with white panels from the ceiling of his studio in Berlin (from which he had been evicted recently before). A formally radical and self-biographical work that offers an extreme synthesis of Florian Slotawa’s poetics.
Eva Fabbris: I would like to start from the work exhibited at Suzy Shammah Gallery. Tell me about it.

Florian Slotawa: It’s the ceiling of my studio. The story behind it is this: I got the message that I had to leave the studio, and at the same time I had the proposal of the show form Suzy. So I decided to combine the two occurrences, and I brought the ceiling of my studio to Suzy. Normally, the space of the gallery is very clear, so I thought such an intervention could result into something subtle and trenchant. The ceiling is very ugly because it is a typical ceiling you can find in an office of the late Seventies; but on the other hand, it is part of the history of the building, and there are traces, dirt, holes. So the idea was just to bring it to Suzy; to bring it from Germany to Italy.
(bron: Mousse Magazine, tekst: Eva Fabbris)

> Florian Slotawa

donderdag, april 20, 2017

Koen Delaere #3

Koen Delaere in zijn atelier gedurende de opnames van een videoportret ivm de Rabo kunstaanbiedeing. (bron: Twitter)

De Rabobank kunstcollectie vroeg Delaere 100 unieke werken te maken voor de medewerkers kunstaanbieding. Tijdens zijn residentie van twee maanden in Los Angeles op uitnodiging van het Mondriaan Fonds werkte hij aan de serie. Lange wandeltochten door de overweldigende natuur van Yoshua Tree en Yosemite Park waren de inspiratiebron voor tekeningen waar hij later in zijn tijdelijke atelier in West Hollywood verder aan werkte. Als drukpers voor de laatste verflaag gebruikte hij zijn Amerikaanse huurauto; geweldig toch, dat is zo’n handeling die precies is terug te lezen in het uiteindelijke werk.
(bron: we like art!)

> Koen Delaere

Fiona Ackerman #3

Fiona Ackerman in her studio, 2009. (bron: Lili Vieira de Carvalho | flickr)

Fiona Ackerman in her studio, Vancouver. (bron: Oeno Gallery)

> Fiona Ackerman

Anselm Kiefer #12

Anselm Kiefer: Des Malers Atelier, 1980. (bron: Christies)

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