maandag, februari 18, 2019

Richard Deacon #5

Richard Deacon in his studio, south London, 2014(?).

Rather than using his south London studio as space for a production line, like many other artists, Deacon treats his as a sanctuary, a place to think and reflect and allow ideas to take shape on paper, first, or as little clay or plastic models. “Tony Cragg, Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor have all expanded their studio operations, whereas I have made myself nomadic,” he says. “I find it a bit paralysing to have a lot of people in the studio. I prefer to keep the studio as a private space.” Consequently, his colossal, twisted steel sculptures are fabricated at a metalworks in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire; his organic-looking ceramic creations are produced in Cologne, Germany; and everything else is constructed offsite by a network of trusted craftspeople.
(bron: Baku.)

> Richard Deacon

zaterdag, februari 16, 2019

Peter Halley #3

Peter Halley in his studio, 1996. (bron: a-a-ah)

> Peter Halley

vrijdag, februari 15, 2019

Peter Fischli & David Weiss #4

David Weiss and Peter Fischli in their Zürich studio, circa 1987. (bron: The New York Review of Books)

Narcisse Tordoir #3

Atelier van Narcisse Tordoir, Borgerhout, België, 2018. (bron: Open Studio's 2018)

zaterdag, februari 09, 2019

(nieuw werk)

Harke Kazemier: studie voor Bloomfield Road /study for Bloomfield Road, 2019.
olie op doek /oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm

> Harke Kazemier
> Harke Kazemier | facebook

Peter Doig #8

Peter Doig: Night Studio (STUDIOFILM & RACQUET CLUB), 2015. (bron: Hyperallergic)

Kim Dorland #5

Kim Dorland at work, 2013. (bron: The Star, foto's: Nick Kozak)

> Kim Dorland

vrijdag, februari 08, 2019

Pieter Jennes #2

Pieter Jennes in zijn atelier, Antwerpen. Stills uit de video "FRONT Kunstenaars portret Pieter Jennes". (bron video: vimeo)

Atelier Pieter Jennes, Antwerpen, 2018. (bron: Open Studio's 2018)

> Pieter Jennes
> Pieter Jennes | Instagram

Pieter Jennes

Pieter Jennes studio visit, 2018. (bron: Instagram | whitehousegallery_lovenjoel)

In the studio of Pieter Jennes, 2018. "My girl was an easel and model at the same time." (bron: Instagram | jaminvitamien)

Pieter Jennes in zijn atelier.

> Pieter Jennes
> Pieter Jennes | Instagram

Peter Blake #10

Peter Blake's recreated studio at Frieze Masters, London, 2017. (bron: Wallpaper* en artsy, foto's: Mark Blower en Tom Carter)

Peter Blake #9

Peter Blake in his studio. (bron: mono media films)

Peter Blake in his studio. (bron: Louisa Guinness Gallery)

Peter Blake in his studio. (bron: smartenergygb)

Leiko Ikemura #3

(foto's: Anita Back)

(foto: Philipp von Matt)

(foto: Anita Back)

(foto: Leiko Ikemura)

(foto's: Anita Back)

Artist atelier house, Leiko Ikemura, Berlin, by architect Philipp von Matt. (bron: phvm)

De laatste foto is eerder geplaatst bij de post van 12 april 2018 (hk).

> Leiko Ikemura

Bernard Frize #6

Artist atelier house, Bernard Frize, Berlin, by architect Philipp von Matt.

Unterm Dach wartet schließlich auch sein Atelier. „Und ich weiß noch gar nicht, ob es so schlau war, es hier zu integrieren. Da drückt die Arbeit schon morgens auf den Kopf.“
(bron: phvm, Instagram | Philipp von Matt en Welt)

> Bernard Frize
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donderdag, februari 07, 2019

Yayoi Kusama #4

Yayoi Kusama in haar atelier. (bron: the Art couch)

> Yayoi Kusama

Gerhard Richter #14

Atelier van Gerhard Richter. (bron: the Art couch)

Georgia O'Keeffe #4

Georgia O'Keeffe in haar atelier. (bron: the Art couch)