woensdag, augustus 21, 2019

Walter Richard Sickert #2

Malcolm Drummond: 19 Fitzroy Street (Walter Richard Sickert's studio), 1913-1914. (collectie: Laing Art Gallery)

dinsdag, augustus 20, 2019

Waldo Bien #2

Waldo Bien in zijn atelier, Berlijn, 1991. (bron: Waldo Bien)

> Waldo Bien

Walasse Ting #2

Walasse Ting dans son atelier, New York, vers 1965. (foto: Pierre Alechinski)

Walasse Ting

Walasse Ting in his Amsterdam studio, Hondecoeterstraat 10-12, 1979. (bron: Gallery Delaive)

(bron: Elegance, foto: Nico Delaive)

zaterdag, augustus 17, 2019

Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton studio in New York. (bron: Conceptual Fine Arts)

Wade Guyton: Untitled, 2016. Uit de tentoonstelling "Das New Yorker Atelier".

Wade Guyton’s New York studio, a loft on the Bowery in Manhattan, houses an archive, a library, an office area and a kitchen, which serves as a gathering space for everyone who works there. A large, open space, where the printer stands, takes up the centre of the studio. Several stacks of paintings, that are continually being moved, are lined up on the long display wall. The various areas flow seamlessly into one another, raising the question of where the "creative act" actually takes place: on one of the computers or at the printer? Or while the canvas is pulled across the floor—a process that leaves traces of handling? Or perhaps when the images are viewed and sorted, arranged side by side so that they communicate with each other? The spatial, social, and political environments of the creative process, the everyday tasks, as well as the technological conditions, become the setting for the creation of the image. Wade Guyton thus updates the art-historical trope of the "artist’s studio" as an allegory of aesthetic self-reflection in an environment of digital interconnectivity.
(bron: e-flux)

George Grosz #4

George Grosz: Selbstportrait mit Akt, 1937. (bron: TEFAF)

vrijdag, augustus 16, 2019

Vivian Suter #3

Vivian Suter, 2017. (bron: CÓDIGO, foto: David Miranda)

Vivian Suter in her second studio, where she stores her paintings. (bron: T Singapore, foto: Tony Floyd)

Die Künstlerin in Panajachel, inmitten des Dschungels von Guatemala, 2018(?).

(bron: Das-Magazin, foto's: Flavio Karrer)

Vivian Suter #2

Suter often paints outdoors in the lush vegetation surrounding her studio, incorporating the landscape into her works, which are transformed by natural and atmospheric elements, as shown within the works in this portfolio. Upon close inspection, her surfaces reveal signs and marks of wind, sun, and rain, or of nature gently participating in the making. One might see traces of leaves deposited on the canvas for days, a stain generated by a fruit that had fallen over the canvas, or the footprints of a dog or other animals who walked over the paintings, undisturbed and unaware they were becoming active collaborators in the artistic process."
(bron: Document, foto's: Flavio Karrer and David Regen)

Vivian Suter’s studio, Panajachel, Guatemala. (bron: e-flux, foto: Stefan Benchoam)

> Vivian Suter

Jan Steen

Sybrand Altmann: Jan Steen in zijn atelier. (bron: MutualArt)

woensdag, augustus 14, 2019

Tracey Emin #9

Tracey Emin in her studio. Stills from the video "Tracey Emin" from the BBC series "What Do Artists Do All Day?". (bron video: YouTube)

Tracey Emin's studio. Stills from the video "Avenue Montaigne Pop-up Store - Tracey Emin's Interview". (bron video: YouTube)

> Tracey Emin

Artist Studios in New York by Marco Anelli

Dan Colen.

Dana Schutz.

Elizabeth Peyton.

Francesco Clemente.

Julie Mehretu.

Robert Longo.

Vik Muniz. (bron en foto's: Marco Anelli)

> Francesco Clemente
> Robert Longo
> Vik Muniz

Vera Lutter #2

Vera Lutter in her studio, Hell's Kitchen, New York, 2019. Stills from the video "In the Studio with Vera Lutter". (bron video: vimeo)

> Vera Lutter