05 september 2019

Yinka Shonibare #7

A studio, exhibition space and apartment for artist Yinka Shonibare, Andrews Road, Grand Union Canal, London.

"Andrews Road is a former fabric warehouse along the Grand Union canal. Artist Yinka Shonibare MBE commissioned Riches Hawley Mikhail to design his new studio and flat overlooking the canal near Broadway Market, London E8. The project is planned in 2 phases. The first phase of the project opens the warehouse to the public by giving local artists the opportunity to show their work in the space. The space also becomes a place to experiment, where artists are allowed to ‘fail’. The second phase is the construction of the new space, within a brand new four storey building.

Conceived of as something between a large canal-side house or a warehouse, the scheme is designed with sensitivity to the history of the site and its surroundings, recognising the canal-side’s industrial character. Its external simplicity houses a dynamic and innovative design. A simple dark brick skin, is punctuated by openings, sometimes splayed to look up and down the canal and invite east and west light into rooms. The volume has been carefully modelled to retain light to neighbour’s windows.

The building is arranged on four floors. Yinka Shonibare will occupy the top two floors with an office/studio space on the first floor and the ground floor fulfilling a more public function. The house is a socially engaged space for local artists. The entrance level in particular will provide a place for discussions about creativity in all areas of culture, from science to film and architecture.

The scheme also aspires to be an exemplar in terms of its energy efficiency, its disability access and its relationship to the local community. Full Planning Permission was gained in May 2008."
(bron: Mikhail Riches)

Het project is kennelijk (nog?) niet doorgegaan, want dit is, volgens Google Street View, de huidige situatie (hk).

> Yinka Shonibare

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