20 september 2016

Constantin Brancusi #8

Lizica Codreanu with Brancusi's Costumes. (bron: felicecalchi)

Lizica Codreano in Brancusi’s Studio, 1922. (bron: Delightfully Catawampus)

Lizica Codreanu with Brancusi's Costumes in Brancusi's studio, 1922.

"Around 1922 Constantin Brancusi designed some costumes for an Erik Satie's music. They were close friend and was in that same period that Brancusi met the romanian dancer Lizica Codreanu. She had come in Paris with her sister Irina who was studying sculpture. The sculptor showed to Lizica his Atelier and took some pictures of her beginning to study the costumes like moving sculptures.
...." (bron: felicecalchi)

Lizica Codreanu dansant dans l'atelier de Brancusi, costume d'Irina Codreanu, circa 1923 - 1924. (bron: Blouin Art Sales Index)

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