vrijdag, september 02, 2016

René Korten #1

René Korten in zijn atelier, 2013. (bron: Hans Klein Hofmeijer)

Atelier van René Korten, 2012. (bron: Lost Painters)

Meer foto's bij LP (hk).

My studio space is the first floor of a former small engine factory. It is divided into three parts because three artists used to work here. Now I’m on my own. There are windows on both sides: on one side I look on the roof of an old big industrial space, on the other side is a lot of greenery and some big trees, very near. A museum director once visited me in the studio to prepare an opening speech for an upcoming exhibition. In the speech he mentioned the contrast of the two views in my studio, and he suggested that this must have inspired me in the work dealing with the polarity culture/nature. I didn’t think that he was right about that at the time, but now I think there was more truth in it than I realized then. Although I have never been an artist who depicts directly what he sees.
...." (bron: STUDIO CRITICAL)

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