woensdag, september 21, 2016

José Lerma #2

José Lerma in his studio.

"Lit with bright, white light from the floor to ceiling window at the front of his studio, José’s work is cast in an ethereal glow, bright pinks, purples, and blues converging to form the faces of bourgeois bankers and 17th century royalty. To create these large paintings José scales up his materials, using brooms to produce thick, sculptural paint strokes. His neon palette and tendency towards light-activated works serves as a distraction to his works’ content, forcing the audience to test their concentration while being bombarded with blinking lights.
JL: For the past three years I have been working on shows where I just make the paintings on-site and use whatever materials I can find. I haven’t done anything like studio work in a while, so recently I have been trying to get back into studio mode. I wanted to try going back to the paintings I was making in 2008 that I kind of abandoned.
...." (bron: inside\within)

Studio work for Gloriosa, 2014.

Studio shot, 2015. (bron: flickr)

> José Lerma | flickr
> José Lerma | picssr

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