30 september 2016

Amie Dicke #5

Atelier van Amie Dicke in De Duif, Amsterdam, 2016(?).

When did you move to your new studio in the Church De Duif at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam?

In early 2014. I’ve been here since two years.

I heard it was one of the first non-protestant churches of The Netherlands, built in 1858 by the architect Theo Molkenboer. How did you happen to move here?

I was very lucky. There isn’t any other studio in the building. I am the only one working here. In the late seventies the Church De Duif was in such a bad state that it was threatened with demolition by the local government. Many houses along the canals were deteriorating and a lot of buildings were falling apart. Therefore, some people started to squatting them. In this case some parishioners preserved the church until some years later the foundation Stadsherstel (city restoration) became the owner and renovated the church, ensuring the character of the building was left intact and opening the space for events and cultural projects. Stadsherstel gives to historic buildings a new use and meaning, but they are also responsible for their maintenance. Later on, they offered me a place to stay.

How do you feel to be in a former Catholic Church? Do you work in the nave and chancel sometimes?

Yes, also because the internet is much better at the altar. My studio is located in the former sacristy. I have a door that opens to the church and you immediately stand next to the altar. Each time that I enter my studio’s front door, at the back of the Church, I can feel the curve of the altar. I have to deal with this building and see it for what actually is. It becomes a part of the daily surrounding.
...." (bron: conceptual fine arts)

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