woensdag, mei 23, 2018

Keith Haring #6

The outside of Keith Haring’s studio on Broadway and Great Jones Street.

A view of Keith Haring’s studio, which now serves as the office for the Keith Haring Foundation. (bron: Gwarlingo, foto's (2 en 3): Michelle Aldredge)

The Keith Haring Foundation, housed in Keith Haring’s former studio.

"Before his death in 1990, Keith Haring established the Keith Haring Foundation to manage his estate and support nonprofits for children, education, and research related to AIDS. The foundation’s offices at 676 Broadway are actually in his former studio where he worked from 1985 until 1990, with traces of colorful paint maintained on its surfaces and the checkered floor familiar from studio portraits of Haring."
(bron: Hyperallergic)

> Keith Haring Foundation

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